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Originally Posted by KirovReporting
Premium sp down is hardly useless though
And amount of cover in maps pretty much doesnt help as much as one would think, seeing rocks fail to rush in even with hws or cherudim nearby to destroy opposing funnels. It all comes down to how skilled you are lol, moreover if you are a rock in today's meta
The truth is harsh. Yea i'm a rock too(accident get my x2 kai instead of x1 kai).

Originally Posted by Crimsonred
I seem to have no problem using IJ to fly in....
And boostdown a poor paper, run away while it gets shot at.
An IJ even throw boost down at me b4 start combo. I take a breath, drink my coffee and wait until he finish his combo(my x2 kai is c3 atk oc6 def so i feel pretty safe). He dashed away not kd me, so i decided to throw a boost down, take cover and shoot. Survived with 10-15% after get shooted by the enemy.
The troll potential...reverse.

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