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Guild: Titans/ggFTW

3: Eve: Code Nemesis

3.1 Goddess of Justice: Code Nemesis

Becoming faster, stronger, battle Code Exotic began to develop. Eve had fought many infected Nasod and devils, but seeked more power. The code needed to be changed for her to become more efficient in using more ancient Nasod weapons. Summoning a large arsenal of enchanted weaponry, the Goddess of Justice will overwhelm all her opponents!

3.2 Additional Basic Attacks

While you gain a job advancement, you also get extra attack sequences that will improve game play as well as extend the variety of combos.

Note that these sequences are of course, Code Nemesis exclusive.

>>ZXX - Impale the enemy with a spear and then fly forward with another stunning spear, then throw one final spear behind you, knocking the enemy down.

XXZZ - Throw out two electronballs and then stun the victim with a spear, then continue to summon additional Nasod Spears to pierce the opponent, ending it with a strong finishing blow that knocks the enemy up.

3.3 Code Nemesis' Skills

As the great Code Nemesis, you now gain an increased arsenal of weapons. With a new weapon in hand along with enhanced manipulation of already owned Nasod weapons, you become the Goddess of Justice to wreak merciless havoc on those who deserve their destruction.

You will also still see one more skill that is (LOCKED). So yeah, prepare to do the skill quest.

(70) Row 15

Enhanced Nasod Weapons - Regular attacks have a 4% chance to deal extra magic damage.
It doesn't look like much, I mean, you have a really low chance to deal extra magic damage. But hey, it's not completely useless at all. The 4% will come and go but it will at least prove useful when you deal so many hits with your Z attacks (especially the ZZ>>^Z loop). Just max it, it'll be worth it later.
PvE - 3/3
PvP - 3/3
Hybrid - 3/3

Atomic Blaster - Step backwards and pull out a blaster, firing at the enemy upwards into the air.
A simple and powerful 100 MP skill, recommend to max. This easily replaces Hornet Sting if you have it, because Atomic Blaster will deal more damage and you can combo the enemies after. It'll take care of any kind of enemy in any situation. Aim carefully to deal the maximum 12 hits for the maximum damage.
PvE - 5/5
PvP - 5/5
Hybrid - 5/5

(75) Row 16

Concentration Aura (LOCKED) - All Aura Accelerators will now grant increased critical rate and damage to yourself and party members.
The great passive that makes Code Nemesis a better support role. At max level 5 you'll have a 7% increased chance of critical and 5% extra critical damage, it doesn't look like much but it really helps. It'll last as long as the Aura Accelerator that you used. A recommended have if you can spare the skill slots for your Aura Accelerator(s). If you don't have a B-Slot by now or if you can't spare room for your Accelerators, then it's okay, you can skip this passive.
**Take note that the effect does not stack. So using Aura Magic and Aura Power together will not grant 14% critical chance increase or 10% critical damage increase, you only get 7% and 5%.
PvE - 0/5 or 5/5
PvP - 0/5 or 5/5
Hybrid - 0/5 or 5/5

**To unlock Concentration Aura, you must do the Advanced Branch skill quest, available at Lv40.
Quest 1: Buy the High Quality scroll (It costs 300k ED from Camilla, aka the PVP girl)

Quest 2: Collect 50 drops from any mob in 4-6

Quest 3: Collect 4 drops from Uno Hound (boss) in 5-1 on any difficulty.

Quest 4: Collect 3 drops from Chloe (boss) on 5-2 on Very Hard

Quest 5: Clear 5-1 on Very Hard in less than 6 minutes, Clear 5-2 on Very Hard in less than 8 minutes, and Clear 5-3 on Very Hard in less than 8 minutes.

Spear Burst - Drive stingers downwards toward the ground, impaling any enemy in the way and create a shock wave that damages them. Can only be used in air. Super Armor is granted during the duration of the skill.
An active skill that leads Code Nemesis for combo purposes. It knocks down enemies, and unless you can catch the enemies afterwards, it has little use in dungeons. You could however, use its super armor effect. PvP-wise, you can chain this with the >>ZX attack so you'll deal some Spear Burst damage. PvP users are to learn how to use this skill wisely, it will prove great worth for either combos or get-away situations.
PvE - 0/5 or 5/5
PvP - 5/5
Hybrid - 0/5 or 5/5

(80) Row 17

Atomic Shield - Summon Nasod nano-machines that generate an aura around the character which reduces damage taken by allies and destroys projectiles.
Yet another skill that provides support ability for Code Nemesis. It will prevent projectile-type attacks from hitting you if you're inside the shield, meaning arrows, fireballs, electronballs, etc. In PvP, Special Active skills such as Rail Stinger or Magic Missile won't be blocked. It's not bad at all, though. In a situation where you'll be expecting to take lots of damage, the shield will reduce the damage you take. Has some use for dungeons, such as to help in case the boss gets tricky with you, and does great for team PvP. Optional to max.
PvE - 0/5 or 5/5
PvP - 0/5 or 5/5
Hybrid - 0/5 or 5/5


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