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Default multi-boxing in LaTale?

I mostly mean using software multiboxing to control two characters from two seperate computers (and two seperate accounts of course)

I looked at the rules and guidelines for OGP saying that using 'third party, calculators, helping programs' = account perma-banned, but would software multiboxing count? I mean its not like it is a hacking program ,and it kinda sounds like even using something like xpadder counts as one of these 'third party' programs too.

I would have asked at the OGP forums ,or maybe via helpdesk ,but i don't see a related topic regarding this anywhere so i get the feeling such a topic is forbidden . _ .

Only reason I'm thinking of this is ,well I never have reliable partymates (and i really mean never[98% of the time]), and figured its the best way to do sub quests on multiple characters at once.

So, anyone even tried or if it works & is allowed? or am i stuck to struggle with manually controlling two computers? - _ -
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