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hi everyone XD! been a long time since i visted this forum lol.

IMO the game was already ruined way before ALLM made it stupid. the games fun and all but it allways lacked players, only had "alot" of players when the game opened up and every server swap but died of kinda fast afterwards. When the game was new and fresh it was to hard to actualy progress the game by yourself for causal players so after a few months or so only the "hardcore" or the people that liked the game enough were left.

the game was allways badly designed, had good ideas but they kinda destroyed them the moment they released myth and rebirth system. they should just made real diffuculty system for each map instead of history/legend. Easy for casuals and Hard for more serious gamers with slightly more exp and a few more reward and not actualy force people to party up and forced into harder maps.

when most of the community got to higher level it was hard to actualy catch up cause of low ammount of people joining the game so unless you had help from a friend/guild it was pretty dam hard to catch up.

when ALLM actualy made the lower level areas easier and more accesable they made the good parts of the game stupid. they unbalanced pvp with generic characters with boring and mostly easy characters. when you played sieg, eir, dainn or tia, they all had their distinctive way of playing making them unique and what not but the new characters lacked that.

then they made raids, imo a core feature in most mmos useless,easy and unrewarding. they should allways kept raids as the place where high level people gather and go into a diffucult dungeon that needed organised team work.

leveling should never be that easy either, should be at a good pace where you feel like you achieve something while not having to grind too much. its ok to grind at level cap for stuff like gear,achivments and titles.

and we all know why myth and rebirth is stupid anyway so no point in dwelling into it anyway just what i felt like ruined the game.

it was fun playing with you all. was a great game and good experience and i have tons of good memories from the game. good luck to you all ! ^^