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Originally Posted by Metty
Think of each floor as a level in a tower. There is a town at the centre of each one roughly. Each floor has a dungeon with a boss with a set of stairs to the next floor which usually opens up near the next town on that floor. Just got home so I'll be watching it in a few minutes. So far the episodes have been like this:
Episode 1 was a flashback in the novel
Episode 2 was a side story from volume 2
Episode 3 was a side story from volume 2
Episode 4 is a side story from volume 2 introducing Silica, the brownish haired beast trainer with a tiny dragon from the OP.
Episode 5 will be the Lizbet (pink hair in OP, name might be changed to Lizbeth) side story from volume 2 and introducing Kirito's swords properly; Dark Repulser and Elucidator.
Episode 6 should be where the novel actually starts with the rare rabbit meat and reintroducing Egil as well as introducing Craddil(might be translated as Kuradeel), and Asuna cooking for Kirito. Kirito's duel with Craddil may be pushed to episode 7.
Episode 7 should be the battle against Gleameyes unless it gets thrown into episode 6 as well though it shouldn't as it's when his Unique Skill is discovered.
Episode 8 should be the duel with Heathcliff.

That should be enough foretelling for now.

It's basically telling the story in full chronological order instead of novel order though I have no idea if they will also be animating the Material Edition side stories.

Also a note. This wasn't mentioned in the episode but Sachi and Kirito had a shared inventory similar to married couples in SAO. Only difference was they can choose what to show and what not to and their coll is separate. That is why he had the recording item.
ah sidestory, no wonder he's in floor 20, then and the next day he's magically on floor 49