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Because of the auto-ban thing? I hardly ever go on Basil, it's such an awful site.

Well, Corr 5 WAS fine. It's more full than usual, but surprisingly from other classes, not really tons of Phantoms. I switched channels several times before finding a spot, had it for all of 10 minutes before some asshat comes in. Now, I don't mind sharing Corr 5, since it's a popular spot, and frankly 3rd job Phantoms can't really ks for shit, not like other third jobbers with proper lolomgmob skills. But this guy kept going all over the damn map, and I asked him if he could stay to one spot, because when he would take the top levels, I would go to bottom and he'd go there too, then I'd switch, or he'd take one side and invade my side after a bit. It's like... you're playing the game with millions of other people, I know the majority of you are inconsiderate little f---s, but could you at least TRY? Especially when I am trying to be considerate to you and give you space?

One of the things that will always piss me off about mmos. Especially f2p ones.

Edit; Oh I see, people are getting perma bans too. And other bans. And pzak coins got nerfed ~_~ /displeased about this

There's no way I'm getting enough coins for my other chars now if they only get 5 per run /throws hands up


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