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Guild: Titans/ggFTW

3: Aisha, the Void Princess

3.1 Ruler of Darkness: Void Princess

Aisha continues down the path of darkness by mastering destructive magic. Developing with the powers of darkness unleashes more dark skills, stronger magical damage, and new combos that allow close combat. Maintain the traditional mage role by keeping your distance, or show what a Dark Mage is all about with close combat action. Find the enemy's weak point by getting up close and personal, and then follow by casting a huge spell to demolish all the enemies at once. This is the role of the Ruler of Darkness, the Void Princess!

3.2 Additional Basic Attacks

While you gain a job advancement, you also get extra attack sequences that will improve game play as well as extend the variety of combos.

Note that these sequences are of course, Void Princess exclusive.

(Facing right) ZZ>ZZ - Strike twice with staff, and then transform the staff into the hammer to smash the enemy, stunning them before following with a damaging spin.

>>^X - An upgrade to the old fireball attack: Dash, jump and fire a dark sphere that explodes upon contact, damaging nearby enemies and knocking them up into the air.

3.3 Void Princess' Skills

As the Void Princess, Aisha now accesses a few more skills with greater dark powers. By depleting mana from enemies and conserving darkness to increase mana capacity, Aisha has full grasp of incredible draining darkness powers, diminishing her enemies' survivability chance to nothing.

You will also still see one more skill that is (LOCKED). So yeah, prepare to do the skill quest.

(70) Row 15

Shadow's Contract - Using inner mental powers and gathering better insight in mystic will by a contract with dark magic, this passive allows Aisha to recover some mana used for an Active or Special Active within 3 seconds.
A low chance skill, however it provides good use. If you haven't realized by now, having a large amount of mana in reserve is a good thing, and this will allow you to have a half-full tank sooner. Recommended max as soon as possible.
PvE - 3/3
PvP - 3/3
Hybrid - 3/3

Hell Drop - Summon a portal from darkness and manually control it to drop a bomb onto the targeted area.
It's cool and all to manually aim a bomb from the sky to drop onto the enemies below, but this skill is WEAK. So very weak. Don't bother with this skill.
You still have Hell Stone, by the way.
PvE - 0/5
PvP - 0/5
Hybrid - 0/5

(75) Row 16

Energy Discharge (LOCKED) - When awakening mode is activated, there will be a probability for an increase to maximum MP and MP recovered by the same amount.
A crazy passive. At max level 5, using 3 awakening beads, you have a 99% chance of having up to 400 MP at your disposal. With this, you can cast a Death Field and a Hell Stone, or Magic Adrenaline with a Plasma Cutter or Aging. Very useful passive, but since this needs awakening, you'll need some awakening charge to get this passive's full effects faster, hm?
PvE - 5/5
PvP - 5/5
Hybrid - 5/5

**To unlock Energy Discharge, you must do the Advanced Branch skill quest.
Quest 1: Buy the High Quality scroll (It costs 300k ED from Camilla, aka the PVP girl)

Quest 2: Collect 50 drops from any mob in 4-6

Quest 3: Collect 4 drops from Uno Hound (boss) in 5-1 on any difficulty.

Quest 4: Collect 3 drops from Chloe (boss) on 5-2 on Very Hard

Quest 5: Clear 5-1 on Very Hard in less than 6 minutes, Clear 5-2 on Very Hard in less than 8 minutes, and Clear 5-3 on Very Hard in less than 8 minutes.

Petite Angkor - With a twist and a flick of the wand, Aisha can summon an 'Angor', a black and white bat, that will fly in a straight line from the direction of the summon, until it either flies off the map or finds a victim; once attached, it will bite the victim for a few seconds, and then explode.
Having little use on dungeon monsters of all types, the bat Angkor will deal small biting damage and finish with a moderately damaging explosion. With only best use in PvP, this adds to your damage in combos, and you might even use Angkor's explosion to save you. Send the bat at the enemy, and if you get caught in a combo right after, the bat should explode and save you. PvP players are to find the best ways to use Angkor, while dungeon players should ignore this skill.
PvE - 0/5
PvP - 5/5
Hybrid - 0/5 or 5/5

(80) Row 17

Phantom Breathing - Summon Petite Angkor in front of yourself to unleash dark energy which can trap opponents, anything caught in this attack is affected with Constant Mana Drop Ailment.
The Void Princess' great skill of darkness: Phantom Breathing is a feared attack for its moderate damage, inescapable effect, and eating the enemies' mana as they are damaged. Works for quick ridding of mobs in dungeons if you get bored of Death Field, very fantastic against players in PvP.
PvE - 5/5
PvP - 5/5
Hybrid - 5/5