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Guild: Titans/ggFTW

2: Aisha, the Dark Magician

2.1 The Dark Magician

Since ancient times, magicians trained not only on the basics, but on their spiritual power too. In order to obtain greater power, they have to gain access to the power of "El". Magicians without strong spiritual strength and control will sink into the depths of the magic world and erode, that being said, a dark magician who needs even more power will require even more training. Even though they are able to gain more power, if their spiritual power cannot resist the influence of darkness, they will become a half-human, half-demon being. True practitioners of dark magic are rare, as most of the magicians are usually elder people. Even so, Aisha's body has a special essence that isolates such influence, along with her immature age, allows her to obtain dark magic, while avoiding the influence of demon world. However, Aisha's spiritual power is not stable, and if influenced by the path of darkness, she will become a creature scarier than any demon. So, in order for her to obtain great power she must bear the great risk of a Dark Magician.

2.2 Additional Basic Attacks

While you gain a job advancement, you also get extra attack sequences that will improve game play as well as extend the variety of combos.

Note that these sequences are of course, Dark Magician exclusive.

>>ZXX - Dash and strike with staff, then teleport to the nearest enemy, striking to stun them and then knock the enemy upwards into the air.

(Facing right) XX<X - Summon two fireballs, then project a dark plasma ball and slide backwards, hitting a single enemy up to 6 times or multiple enemies for few hits.

XXvXZ - Summon two fireballs, create a magic circle and then send the enemy in front of you flying away with a magic touch.

XX<X is a powerful attack. Use it often on single targets.

2.3 Dark Magician's Skills

With the job advancement, Aisha now accesses many skills involving the powers of destructive darkness. From a stone of hell to summoning numerous lasers, the force of a Dark Magician is truly a terrible power.

You will also now see a few skill names with (LOCKED) beside them. This means you cannot access the skill until you do certain skill quests.

(40) Row 9:

Mana Steal (LOCKED) - Steal the MP of nearby enemies, stunning them.
A must have skill. The Dark Magician is seen to use high amounts of mana, and this "dark path" has this aspect to drain the enemies' mana. This skill would be it. Draining 30 MP from an enemy and able to drain two enemies at Lv5, you'll gain a total of 60 MP, but because the cost was 10 MP, you'll get +50 MP instead. 50 MP is a very large amount. Whether it fulfills your goal of reaching 100, 200 or 300 MP or not, in PvP, this will delay your opponents for a bit if they planned to use a high cost MP skill. This is very useful and necessary to have, don't skip this skill please.
*Skill Note: Endless Desire - MP Consumption is decreased by 10. -Obtained from Cash Shop
This greatly increases the potential of your mana gain. Now you can gain a full 60 MP at Lv5.
PvE: 5/5
PvP: 5/5
Hybrid: 5/5

**To unlock Mana Steal, you must do the Low Branch skill quest, available at Lv20.
Quest 1: You need to buy a low quality scroll (It can be bought from Camilla/PvP Girl for 20k ED)

Quest 2: Collect 2 claws from the Scorpion King in 3-1 on Very Hard difficulty.

Quest 3: Collect 20 necklaces from any Lizard in Bethma (It can be anywhere from 3-1 to 3-4. I recommend 3-3.)

Quest 4: Collect 30 necklaces from the Glitter Race in Feita. (First three maps of Feita are good).

Quest 5: Collect a scroll drop from the boss on map 3-4 in Hard or Above (completely random)

Hell Stone - Summon a stone from hell that continously spins in front of you, damaging enemies and launching them after the first two hits.
One of the Dark Magician's most damaging skills for a mere 110 MP. Using it at a wall for a single target, it can deal numerous hits to dish out maximum damage. Worry not about large bosses or super armored enemies, since this will also take care of them. A highly recommended max, because you'll want a low MP cost skill at your point of Lv21 or Lv23 while dealing a fine amount of damage.
*Skill Note: Rhythmical Spin - There will be a 30% chance that the stone will not launch the opponent after the third hit. -Obtained from Cash Shop
A must have for spammers of Hell Stone. It's a low chance, but if the enemy doesn't get knocked out, you'll be able to dish out the highest number of hits to deal maximum damage.
PvE: 5/5
PvP: 5/5
Hybrid: 5/5

(45) Row 10:

Willpower - Increase magic attack power by a certain percentage based from total physical attack power.
Oh gosh, even more magic attack. A huge must. If you got Basic Strength Training, you probably also got a small boost to this skill's effect.
PvE: 5/5
PvP: 5/5
Hybrid: 5/5

Intermediate Strength Training - Increases physical attack power permanently.
While you think you can use this passive to help Willpower's effect, it's not -that- necessary. If you followed the recommendations above, you should have your first 3 skills at max level, meaning that Row 12 skills should be available by now. If you have the spare points in your future high levels, you can come back to this skill, or if you skipped one of the first three skills (which is highly not recommended) then you might take this skill.
PvE: 0/5 or 5/5
PvP: 0/5 or 5/5
Hybrid: 0/5 or 5/5

(50) Row 11:

Dark Cloud - Summon a poisonous cloud around you to damage and poison enemies caught in the area.
A stationary skill that will repeatedly do stunning strikes while the poison gradually saps the enemies' HP. It looks cool and all, but this only has better use for PvP, and only if you can trap the enemy at the wall for a long period of time.
Skill Note: Merciless Poison - On hit, the cloud decreases the victim's movement and jump speed by 30% and the Poison duration lasts for an additional 5 seconds. -Obtained from the Cash Shop.
Like Binding Circle, this will cripple your opponent for a short moment so they won't escape easily. For experienced users of Dark Cloud, it's nice to have.
PvE: 0/5
PvP: 0/5 or 5/5
Hybrid: 0/5 or 5/5

(55) Row 12:

Magic Adrenaline - Increase magic attack damage by a certain percentage for 10 seconds. Prerequisite: Mastered Willpower
Usually I'll say, "come back to this skill when you're in your Lv40s or Lv50s." This time, you might be able to get this skill earlier. If you're getting Flame Circle, you'll probably have this at Lv2, which is a decent boost. Then, when you're probably Lv37 or 38, you can get this skill to the max level. So, what skill to use with this buff? You can combine with Hell Stone, your great 110 MP skill, or the future, powerful Death Field skill.
PvE: 5/5
PvP: 5/5
Hybrid: 5/5

Deathly Shadow - Attacks will ignore the defense of enemies by a certain percentage.
Eh...not really a useful passive. 5% isn't that much, since you still have 95% of the enemy's defense to deal with, and 95% is a lot. You don't really need this skill. You might come back to it when you're at higher levels, but that's a rare case.
PvE: 0/5
PvP: 0/5
Hybrid: 0/5

Flame Circle - Summon three fireballs to rotate around you and continuously strike nearby enemies.
With each fireball hitting up to two times, this deals powerful damage up close. PvP builds can use this in open space, and if quick enough, follow up with a combo before the enemy can get away. Or if you want to be safe, use it near a wall! Great skill to have, highly recommended for PvP players; has decent use in dungeons but does nice damage for a single enemy if you need it.
*Skill Note: Quantitative Improvement II - Add one extra fireball. -Obtained from a rare monster drop.
With an extra fireball, you can do an additional two hits, meaning even more damage. Regularly at Lv3, with all 6 hits connecting, you'll do 720% of magic damage. With this note, you'll now do 960% magic damage, and that is big.
PvE: 0/3 or 3/3
PvP: 3/3
Hybrid: 0/3 or 3/3

(60) Row 13:

Sprint - Increase movement speed by a certain percentage that is separate from equipment bonuses.
Can be seen as useful. If one of your sockets somehow boost your movement speed to 15% or higher, having this passive at max level will grant you 25+% of movement speed, and that is very high. However, for now, skip it. You might think having fast running speed is good. I agree too, but you need your other skills first. You can come back to this skill, though, maybe at your higher levels.
PvE: 0/5 or 5/5
PvP: 0/5 or 5/5
Hybrid: 0/5 or 5/5

Death Field (LOCKED) - Use Death's dark power to curse and deal damage to enemies in a wide radius, reducing their movement speed and disabling their skills. After a period of time, an explosion will set off onto any victim hit.
Everyone, everything fears this skill. The curse will do some minor damage and cripple them. With the seal on them, their movement speed is HIGHLY reduced, so they won't be able to escape your continued attacks very easily. They can't counter back really well either, because the seal also forbids them from using skills! That doesn't mean they can still use Z or X to still hit you. Even if they try to escape, they still have the powerful explosion to deal with (experienced players, however, may use awakening to avoid it). Death Field is considered one of the strongest 200 MP-costing skills; it's great for single enemies in PvP, does AMAZING damage for grouped enemies, because, the explosion can hit the enemies around the cursed target. So, with enemies bundled together, you might be doing more damage than you think. Max this skill as soon as possible.
PvE: 5/5
PvP: 5/5
Hybrid: 5/5

**To unlock Death Field, you must do the Intermediate Branch skill quest, available at Lv30.
Quest 1: Buy the Intermediate Quality scroll (It costs 100k ED from Camilla/PVP girl)

Quest 2: Collect 10 Black Crow Journals from Altera (4-1 is strongly recommended.)

Quest 3: Collect 1 drop, another 1 drop and a collection of 50 chests from map 4-2. (This can take a LOT of runs to complete. The single drops have a very low drop rate so chances are you'll be grinding for a while.)

Quest 4: Collect 2 Dark Spirits from the boss in the third map of Feita (3X-3), Collect 4 wood from the boss in the fourth map of Feita (3X-4).

Quest 5: Achieve B Rank or higher in maps 4-1, 4-2 and 4-3 in Hard difficulty or higher. (This means do all 3.)

(65) Row 14:

Aging (LOCKED) - Cast a chained dark ball and throws it in front of her. When hitting the ground, enemies in the area are hit continuously and are given the Aged status; which lowers the victim's movement speed, attack power, and drains their MP for 15 seconds.
A fantastic skill that deals moderately high damage at a small area. It also has very high vertical range, so you'll catch enemies high in the air (though you'll do less hits). It requires some aiming; still, it's only good for PvP. Dungeons, well, you have the next skill to use. Anyway, an additional effect to the age effect is that in PvP, players maximum MP will be -1 less than their maximum. So, for 15 seconds, they'll be stuck at maximum 299 MP (399 MP for EMs and CEms) and won't be able to use their powerful 300 MP skills. But, they can still use 200 MP skills, you might have to be careful with that and hope that Aging and your Mana Steal drains their MP enough.
Anyways, Aging is an optional skill to have. It does powerful damage, but even 2 or 3 Hell Stones doing maximum hits can outdo this skill's maximum damage. I recommend this only in your late Lv40s or 50s, so for now, skip this skill once you reach Lv32 and get Plasma Cutter.
PvE: 0/5
PvP: 0/5 or 5/5
Hybrid: 0/5 or 5/5

**To unlock Aging, you must do the High Branch skill quest.
Quest 1: Buy the High Quality scroll (It costs 140k ED from Camilla, aka the PVP girl)

Quest 2: Collect 50 emblems from enemies in 4-3.

Quest 3: Collect 2 generators (red) and 2 generators (blue) from each boss in 4-4. If they respawn, they will not drop the items. You must repeat the dungeon.

Quest 4: Collect 3 drops from 4-3 boss.

Quest 5: Clear 4-4 in 8 mins, Clear 3x-4 in 8 mins, and Clear 3x-3 in 9 mins.

Plasma Cutter - Point ahead and cast a straight laser ahead that deals continuous damage to enemies. After the laser disappears, Aisha becomes fatigue for two seconds.
While you think one little leaser isn't that flashy, have you tried using it in Awakening?
In Awakening, you'll have a total of 5 lasers, increasing the number of hits you can land while doing less damage. Don't worry about the lessened damage. You'll actually do more damage, depending how you use it. On large bosses in dungeons, you'll do an insane amount of hits that you likely get an awakening bead filled while doing high damage! Use just an inch away though, because right up close on the boss will not work very well.
PvP users may not find much use for this skill. First off, you have Hell Stone, don't forget that. Second, the fatigue aftereffect is long enough for enemies to get to you if you didn't push them far away enough. Not only that, you'll charge their awakening, so even if you push them far away, they can use the awakening freeze to stop you (if you get affected by it), and get to you before your fatigue effect runs out. If you decide to bring this to PvP (not recommended, hello, Hell Stone?) then be very careful.
PvE: 5/5
PvP: 0/5
Hybrid: 5/5


That's all of the skills the Dark Magician has access to. After reaching Level 35, you can begin your second job advancement, to become the Void Princess.

1. Speak with Allegro in Feita.
2. Collect 30 Origin of Devildom from the Glitter Necromancers in the Feita dungeons. (3x-3 Very Hard ☆☆☆, is recommended)
3. Defeat 200 Glitter enemies in Feita on 3x-4 on Normal ☆ or higher.
4. Speak with Noel in Velder.
5. Collect 10 Tokens of Elite Demon from any Boss or Mini-boss in the Velder region, then speak to Noel. (5-2 Very Hard ☆☆☆, is recommended, take the second bottom path).

After finishing the long quest, you are now the almighty Void Princess, the Ruler of Darkness!

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