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Default Aisha - High Magician and Elemental Master Guide by Lenne

Aisha - High Magician and Elemental Master Guide

by Lenne

Important Notes:

- This guide is still a WIP, and any additional help/opinions or correcting information would be appreciated.

- Do not take this guide as your own. Plagiarism, is of course, very bad. If you must show this to other people then please credit me.

What to expect from this guide:

[*]The Basics of Aisha
[*]Skills, and which to get for your preferences
[*]Helpful Tips

This guide is designed not only to teach you how to use Aisha well, but how to develop her into a fine High Magician and a great Elemental Master.

But to even be a good High Magician you need a B-Slot. I am not kidding. Not many have lived far with Elemental Master without a B-Slot. I urge you to spare $9 for a B-Slot. It is a must.

Table of contents:

1: Aisha: Magician
-1.1 Information
-1.2 Basic Attack Combos
-1.3 Magician's Skills

2: Aisha, the High Magician
-2.1 Information
- 2.2 Additional Basic Attack Combos
- 2.3 High Magician's Skills

3: Aisha, the Elemental Master
- 3.1 Information
- 3.2 Additional Basic Attack Sequences
- 3.3 Elemental Master's Skills

4: Extras
- 4.1 Tips and Special Tricks
- 4.2 Skill Build Help
- 4.3 Equipment Recommendations

1: Aisha: Magician

1.1 Who is Aisha?

Aisha is a mage who relies on her spell-casting abilities to inflict major damage to an opponent. She also has the abilities to attack multiple targets at once. All of the Mage's spells are elemental, meaning she can gain an advantage by tailoring her attacks to a monsters natural element. In hand to hand combat, she favors the staff.

Aisha was already a mage of the highest order at the tender age of 12 until a ring of sinister power absorbed her abilities. Intelligent and brash, she once again starts her journey to relearn all that she lost.

1.2 Basic Attack Combos

You should know that Z and X are the basic attack keys for every character. For Aisha, Z is to attack physically with your staff, and X is to use magic, mainly consisting of fireballs or magical emblems and strikes.

Z - Swing with staff once.
ZZ - Swing with staff twice.
ZZZ - Swing twice with staff, following with a third strike that knocks down the enemy.

ZZ^Z - Swing twice, then twirl and lift the enemy up into the air.
ZZ^ZZ - Swing twice, lift the enemy up and send the enemy flying away with magic sparks.

X - Summon a fireball.
XX - A two fireball combo, the second one that flies slightly longer than the first.
XXX - Summon two fireballs and then a third fireball with much longer range; pierces up to 3 enemies and knocks them down.

(Facing right) XX>X - Summon two fireballs, and then send the enemy in front of you away with magic sparks.

XXvX - Summon two fireballs and then summon a magic circle around you that knocks up enemies.

>>Z - Dash forward and swing with the staff.
>>ZZ - A two-staff strike combo, which launches the enemy high into the air.

>>X - Dash and turn around to shoot a fireball at the enemy, knocking them down.

>>ZX - Dash forward and swing with staff, then teleport to a nearby enemy and strike them down with your staff, knocking them down.

^Z - Aisha jumps and hits from above with her staff.
^X - Aisha jumps and shoots a fireball, knocking the enemy down.

>>^Z - Aisha creates a magic circle in midair, knocking up the enemy.
>>^X - Aisha fires a fireball down at a 45 degree angle, knocking the enemy down.

1.3 Magician's Skills

What are skills? Skills are attacks that enhance your gameplay. For Aisha, nearly all of her skills involve a variety of powerful magical attacks.

There are 4 types of skills:

Active - Skills that happen immediately unless canceled by a hit. Active skills are added to the quick slots.

Special Active - Skills that are just like Actives, but the game of Elsword adds the extreme epic to these kinds of skills. The character performs a special skill that will shortly freeze the area. During this, a cut in art of the character slides in while he/she shouts out the skill names. Then, the skill is performed. Very fun.

Passive - Skills that upgrade the character, permanently. Passive skills are never added to quick slots.

Buffs - Buffs are skills that power up the character, such as physical attack, magic attack, and defense. They are like passives, however, they are not permanent as they are used in the quick slots. Because they are used in the quick slots, they provide more efficiency to the power up, however they cost MP and have a time limit.

Now, please remember the following terms:

PvE - Stands for "Player vs Environment," the environment meaning monsters in dungeon areas. This term is used for mainly if you are to dungeon a lot. If you like to do lots of dungeon rather than PvP, then you are a PvE build.

PvP - Stands for "Player vs Player." This term is obvious, but just in case, this term is used for mainly if you prefer to fight other players more often than do dungeons.

Hybrid - This term is a combination of both PvE and PvP.

It will be stated the number of SP that must be invested required to access the next row. I will be sequentially stating each skill by where it is in the row. As for skill recommendations, I'll be stating how many points you should invest into skills by dividing into builds. It is RECOMMENDED, not a must (well, except a few). However, there will be times when you have the choice to pick what skills to put points in, because of the SP investment limit.

If you are having trouble memorizing your path of skill investment, fear not. There is a Skill Simulator for all characters. Click the following link to head to Aisha's HM and EM skill tree.

Skill Simulator HM/EM

All right, let's start!

(0) Row 1:

Basic Magic Defense Training - Increase magic defense permanently.
A rule to skill building is to never skip your passives unless necessary. Your basic defenses are not an exception to the rule, so max this passive. That amount of defense is very useful, even if it's a small number.
PvE - 5/5
PvP - 5/5
Hybrid - 5/5

Chain Fireball - Cast 3 consecutive fireballs. The third fireball will have increased size, power, and will burn any opponent hit by it.
It looks fun, cool too; but it's very weak. To make up for the weak damage, it causes a burn effect that will damage the enemy for a period of time. Even though you can max this skill, don't do it. You will rarely see high level Aisha players use Chain Fireball. If you were to find one, that means they are using it efficiently, but as a beginner, you might not know how to use this skill well. Beginners, leave this skill at 1 point, for experienced users, you have the option to max it.
Skill Note: Burn Baby Burn - Increases the duration of the burn effect by 10 seconds. -Obtained from a rare monster drop.
For experienced players or lovers of Chain Fireball, you'll be able to drop your enemies' HP a little longer. Only take if you -really, really, really- want it.
PvE - 1/5
PvP - 1/5
Hybrid - 1/5

Teleport - Instantly transport to a certain location. Can be used in midair.
This is one of Aisha's core skills. It is very useful for covering distances or getting away from the enemy. It's already maxed, so all I have to say is don't teleport too much.
Skill Note: Soul Movement - During teleportation, you will be invincible for 0.5 seconds. However, MP cost will be increased by 40%. -Obtained from a rare monster drop.
For those who can get their hands on this very rare skill note, you'll become even more untouchable as you escape while being invincible as you land. A recommended have.
PvE - 1/1
PvP - 1/1
Hybrid - 1/1

(5) Row 2:

Basic Physical Defense Training - Increases your physical defense permanently.
Again, follow the rule of skill-building.
PvE - 5/5
PvP - 5/5
Hybrid - 5/5

Gust Screw - Summons a small pillar of fire around you, causing the enemies around to be launched and damaged.
It does a nice amount of damage. Usually beginners would take this skill so they can get the powerful Gust Storm skill. However, I will say: don't mind this skill.
PvE - 0/5
PvP - 0/5
Hybrid - 0/5

(10) Row 3:

Basic Magic Attack Training - Increases magic attack permanently. Prerequisite: Mastered Basic Magic Defense Training
Definitely a passive that you should not skip.
PvE - 5/5
PvP - 5/5
Hybrid - 5/5

Lightning Bolt - Cast a charged bolt of lightning in one direction that deals magical damage.
This is a decent skill, and will suffice for your low levels. Deals multiple hits doing 110% of damage per hit, meaning it does very high damage if used up close on super armored enemies or large bosses that can't be knocked down. If used on enemies that can be knocked up, try using it near a wall. A recommended skill for beginners.
Skill Note: Shock & Awe - Target will be stunned for 2.1 sec after a certain amount of of hits; reduces maximum number of hits on stoic monsters from 22 to 12. -Obtained from a rare monster drop.
For experienced players, Lightning Bolt will allow you to land a combo on the enemy afterward, or if there's a group of enemies, you can use another skill to follow up and deal extra damage. Useful if you can get your hands on this skill note. Again, it's very rare.
PvE - 0/5 or 5/5
PvP - 0/5 or 5/5
Hybrid - 0/5 or 5/5

(15) Row 4:

Aura Magic Accelerator - Increases magic attack power of all party members within the range by 20% for a set amount of time.
A must have buff to keep with you. As a High Magician and eventually Elemental Master, all of your base job buffs will prove great worth in the end, I promise you that. Additionally, magicians main magic attack, so, keep this with you.
PvE - 1/5 ~ 5/5
PvP - 1/5 ~ 5/5
Hybrid - 1/5 ~ 5/5

Basic Strength Training - Increases physical attack permanently.
You're not going to use physical attacks very often. Aisha, 90% of the time, relies on magical attack, the 10% coming from the ZZ loop (see 4.1 Tips). But you should be employing your highest attack stat, so you have the option to skip this passive and get another skill if you wish.
PvE - 0/5 or 5/5
PvP - 0/5 or 5/5
Hybrid - 0/5 or 5/5

(20) Row 5:

Aura Shield Accelerator - Increases physical and magical defense of all party members within the range by 30% for a set amount of time.
Another buff to consider having. Increased defense is very nice, especially combined with the future Mana Shield skill. You'll only mainly want it because it helps a lot once you are an Elemental Master. Don't max this so soon, though. Before reaching Lv21, you should keep the buff at Lv3 or less until you get very high in your levels. Then, you can continue maxing the skill.
PvE - 1/5 ~ 5/5
PvP - 1/5 ~ 5/5
Hybrid - 1/5 ~ 5/5

Binding Circle - Use a space magic technique that disables the movement of enemies by creating a special dimension a certain amount in radius. Prerequisite: Mastered Lightning Bolt
Binding Circle is a decent skill that works on all single enemies in the field; it could even freeze most bosses. Works wonders in PvP as well--your enemy will be jumping around much, so using this will freeze them, and if you can catch them in midair after, you've got yourself a combo. An optional skill to have, recommended for PvP players.
Skill Note: Trauma - Reduce the speed of bound enemies by 20% for 10 seconds. -Obtained from Toma in Bethma.
If your bound enemies get the chance to run away, you can slow their efforts with this skill note. Only take if you really like using Binding Circle.
Skill Note:
PvE - 0/5 or 5/5
PvP - 0/5 or 5/5
Hybrid - 0/5 or 5/5

(25) Row 6:

Aura Power Accelerator - Increases physical attack power of all party members within the range by 20% for a set amount of time.
Another buff to have. Players commonly like to use physical attacks, so why not buff their attack power? But again, you'll only mainly want it because it helps a lot once you are an Elemental Master. Don't max this so soon, though. Before reaching Lv21, you should keep the buff at Lv3 or less until you get very high in your levels. Then, you can continue maxing the skill.
PvE - 1/5 ~ 5/5
PvP - 1/5 ~ 5/5
Hybrid - 1/5 ~ 5/5

Teleport Study - Decrease the MP usage of Teleport. Prerequisite: Mastered Teleport
Obviously stating the prerequisite is a little redundant; regardless, this is a passive that is highly recommended for you to max. Teleport takes up a bunch of MP at first, so maxing this passive reduces the MP cost to 6 MP per warp, which is very helpful. Also, if you have the Teleport skill note, this will cancel the 40% extra consumption effect.
PvE - 4/4
PvP - 4/4
Hybrid - 4/4

(30) Row 7:

Gust Storm - Summon a huge storm of fire around you, continuously damaging enemies; enemies caught in the storm will receive damage that slightly increases at the end. Prerequisite: Mastered Gust Screw
Can be considered a powerful skill, especially on stoic enemies or large-sized monsters. Within PvP, you'll only deal moderate damage, if you can get the enemy to be right in front or behind you. Deals moderately high damage in total. Not recommended to have. The next skill is better anyways.
PvE - 0/5
PvP - 0/5
Hybrid - 0/5

Meteor Call - Summon a small meteor with concentrated power and throw it forward, then the ball of fire expands and deals heavy damage to surrounding enemies.
An amazing skill for the base job of Aisha. Not only does it deal hefty damage, the mana gain from hitting multiple opponents VERY high. It's possible to even get all of your MP back if you use it, though you can only do with 5 or more enemies. A recommended skill for beginners, and if you want to deal some big damage in one throw for your low levels, you can take this.
PvE - 0/5 or 5/5
PvP - 0/5 or 5/5
Hybrid - 0/5 or 5/5

(35) Row 8:

Mana Shield - Summon a shield created by mana that reduces the damage received for a certain amount of damage.
Aisha's defense is very low, so she takes huge amounts of damage if your character isn't well developed. Therefore, you have this vital defensive skill. This will greatly save you many times. Dungeon wise, you'll have to watch your surroundings and study your bosses to know when to put up your defense. In PvP, it can be activated right before other players' skills hit you, depending on what it is, so it can be a life saver. A highly recommended max.
Skill Note: Strong Shields - Shield strength increased by 20% (80% total at max Lv5), but skill cooldown increased by 5 seconds. -Obtained from Camilla, the PvP NPC.
80% reduced damage. Please don't tell me that's not useful. IT IS. If you feel that you keep taking a lot of hits, this skill note is what you just need. Or, if you want to have this skill in reserve before you get hit by a big attack, then that's fine too. Regardless, this note is highly recommended.
PvE - 3/3
PvP - 3/3
Hybrid - 3/3


And that's all of Aisha's beginner job skills. When you've reached Level 15, you can begin the job advancement pre-quest:

1. Clear 2-4 on Hard or above with at least a B rank.

2. Collect 1 Runic Power Crystal from Kira-Kira (Mini-boss) at 2-1 on Very Hard. (☆☆☆)

3. Collect 2 Special Bolts from Wally No.8 at 2-5 on any difficulty.
Collect 2 Special Nuts from Nasod Banthus in 2-3 on any difficulty.

4.Collect 30 Runic Power Crystal from the Ghost Magicians in 2-1 at any difficulty.
Collect 10 Dead Tree Pieces from the White Ghost Magicians in 2-3 on any difficulty.
Buy or collect 5 Intermediate Mana Potions. (Buy from Echo the Alchemist or Helen the Traveler)

And after that, you have two quests to choose from: High Magician and Dark Magician, obviously you should have chosen High Magician.

1. Buy 1 an Alchemy Essence from any alchemist.
Collect 2 drops from the Giant Phoru at 2-2 on Very Hard.

2. Collect 1 drop from crossbow soldier at 2-5 on any difficulty.

3. Clear 2-2 on Hard or above while taking less than 20 hits.

4. Talk to Echo, the Alchemist of Elder.

After you have finished, you are now the High Magician, a magician gaining increased firepower and new elemental skills!

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