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For the record, I believe that OGP isn't really doing a bad job as some of you make it up to be.

Like jawfin mentioned earlier, they seem to really be trying their best. They just don't do it in the direction that (most or some) people want them to be.

However, I do recognize that OGP needs to rectify some problems in their handing of the game.

For instance, more often than not, OGP releases mobile suits with half-assed, or not at all, balance changes such as Rau's Dinn and HWS.

Releasing such suits at a time where the meta barely has enough suits to counter these top tier suits is just a big no-no. Especially since players with enough luck and cash can easily obtain and level up these units to just own any room. It's unfortunate that OGP milks these "gacha units" for as long as they could.

Moreover, I noticed that the current meta and community makes the learning curve in the game rather steep. In both PVP channels, I noticed that just about everyone (from what I saw, there are no Non OC or Non-"Specific Unit" rooms) uses highly oc'd units or game breaking suits(sometimes even both) that make it harder for many newcomers to get used to (or even like) the game. It also doesn't help that many players have awful and even arrogant attitudes online.

Other than that however, OGP does try very hard to reward players with ingame and real life prizes. They sometimes offer GunPla prizes (which I have won once e..e) on facebook occasionally and offer many events that usually offer ingame point prizes or sometimes ABC units. My friends and I often log on to our accounts with a 3k to 5k point gift(s) lol. And we very rarely play this server.

Their decision to let players gain points from any channel wasn't a bad idea as well considering that there aren't as many rooms in Expert channel as there is in Beginner channel.

Furthermore, it really isn't constructive to just post unnecessary troll comments like "SDGO NA's going to the toilet" or the like on every thread about SDGO NA. Some users do enjoy playing that server here in ggftw and perhaps even converse about it in such threads. Leaving such bad comments is just in bad taste.

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