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Awesome, seeing everyone's so friendly around here.
Anyway, I have just been accepted into this guild. Seemed a pretty awesome, and "boss"-hunting guild.

Like you guys known, I started way back during beta period.
Had another kitty previously, but was ditched, didn't like the items inside as much as I like on my other character, HyunAh (my current active one)
My previous account is only a main chatting account for me and my old-friends who log on once in a while now.

I am working irl, 22 this year :3
Gonna switched job soon, so that I can have more time for TO and real life friends.
Been too committed at work for the past 2 years, hence making a comeback from my long hiatus.

I don't really play a lot of games, but mainly I play is either for the fashion, or just to chat in game to get away from the stress/workload I'm facing in real life. (Pretty sad ain't it?)

I'm a huge reader, I can read Chinese and English books, be it classics, or those olden literatures. Oh, I forgotten to add something important. I live in Singapore at the moment, and you guys can call my Haz, Hazel.

Hope to know you guys more!
(Btw: Off-note: I can't always be online, either connection issues, or work issues. If I am online on weekdays, I'm usually AfK. So need me, write me a mail. Or if needed me urgently, you guys can contact Kumomo/ToraTora@ggftw ingame to reach me in real life. She has my contact I've given my contact to Samantha/Sakura as well, so ya. I'm always around, not to worry :3)

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