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Originally Posted by jawfin
I miss TW immensely, but from what I've read, and from nearly every time I've logged on to TW (thanks Amazon VPN guide), no one from my friends list has been on.

Again, from what I've read, most old TW players have moved to KR and/or SEA.

While I've got an insane investment in my TW account, there's just no one I know there anymore, or so it has seemed each time I've checked.

In the NA server, I can at least convince some of my friends to go to an english website to signup, download and install the game.

There's no language barrier, and I don't have to worry about indiscriminate banning.

It's nice to be able to understand all the buttons and information on the publisher's website and clan page.

My son and I have actually been able to setup a clan. It's small (only 10 people right now), but our daily attendence has kept us around rank 60.

It's nice to be able to actually read and understand the events, and be able to submit a helpdesk ticket without using someone to try and translate.

So while I spent over a year on Taiwan, and usually dropped at least $100 a week for their constant events, the social factor is what's keeping me away.

I live in California. It just makes sense for me to play the NA version.

Maybe a lot of the other TW players lived elsewhere and were blocked from SDGONA. Maybe they don't want to use a version years behind what they were used to. Or maybe just the intense hatred for OGP has kept them away. I don't know.

I'm blocked from SEA, JP and TW. KR has it's own SSN issues that sounds like will be getting worse soon.

I can VPN in to SEA, but it's a new server, too.

TW doesn't have anyone I know anymore, and I can't even utter one english word on KR.

Again, it just makes sense for me to play the NA version.

Every once in a great while I'll see someone I recognize: Vaj, Alucius... but basically it's a bunch of new people on a new server learning a "new-to-them" game.

I know that this is a long answer to the simple question posed to me, but I wanted to fully explain myself: how it's not what I want, but what makes the most sense.

I hope to see some of you in SDGONA.


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I wonder how long you took typing all that.....Jokes aside, I wish you the best of luck in NA.
But really, we don't hate NA server, we just hte how OGP handles stuff. You know....c4 A ranks and all... Maybe cuz we are jut too used to TW and/or KR where it is more(not perfectly) balanced and suits aren't released in random order.