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Originally Posted by Bng422
-points to the current KR event-

Yeah, getting 360 upgrade kits for free is totally cash only.

360 can last you quite a bit.

TW gives out suits like mad, KR gives out items like hangars and extenders for special occasions. It's how different servers does things.

I haven't seen NA give out anything for free, but then again I don't hang out in NA at all so I dunno.
Tw spammed us with alot, i mean ALOT of items in the past.....I have like 300 ntp, 200 red teles, 200 scale downs and other crap. Now they just give us free suits. SEA gives out alot of freebies as well, but CC too dumb to listen to players and give us clan system. But hey, freebies, cmon.