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Originally Posted by KanonoXlove
Wrong , You can do that in KR too with MS slot releasers Stop presuming stuff that you don`t even know .
Custom Slot expanders didn't even come out until about a year ago.

TW introduced AR ranks years ago with their (free and coin-cost) webcapsules.

I did not presume a thing. You did however. Besides, please look at the word introduced. Which was the key word.

Originally Posted by Bng422
You could just say TW just put things out ahead of time, even ahead of KR.
Who's to say KR won't do this too? I did, again as mentioned above, -emphasize- on the word "INTRODUCED".

Retroactive defense does not make what they did back then right either. NA isn't right now, TW was not right then.

Irony was though TW offered -free- C3 AR ranks, KR makes them cash only, but hey, not the point.

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