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I admit, they do release C4s, but thankfully it hasn't had an extremely detrimental effect. To my knowledge only Noir's been released like that on the detrimental end, and for all it's worth it was a 1 time thing, and resulted in barely anything bad. New ones are all C3s unless they're A/s-Ranks. Which although powerful, at least isn't a nightmare waiting to happen

What it is is a minorly upgraded Noir that could be obtained through Custom-Point expansion (.6 in attack, which is a fairly marginal amount, or send it from 24.6 to over 24.9 in speed, as it would get it's Agi breakpoint in 1 C anyhow).

I do not deny they do bribe through these over-pointed units, but then again if these were things like HEAVY ARMS CUSTOM, or HWS, then I'd have a problem.

The early buffing is in issue, but then again we'd have people constantly moaning about the buffing.

I do not admit NA's perfect, but hey, which server was it that introduced us to C3 AR Ranks again? Oh right, TW. Still got that good ol AR The O hidden on my TW account... behind the ban, which I never cared to check to see if I could bypass...

Originally Posted by Akeno
In comparison with NA and SEA, makes me wonder why Thailand was so successful.
I can answer that easy:

For GGftw: most of it's members seem to be, you guessed it, from the SEA area to begin with.

For generalization: the SEA area is closer to japan/kr, and hence more quickly picks up on Fads than America would tend to. That, or the Culture picks up Japanese/KR/Chinese/Etc cultures far more receptively than NA.

You assume because it -is- SEA that it recieves a better reception, you forget Topography and culture in that.

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