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Originally Posted by Vartio
JP and C4 Dozle. SEA and Noir and Wing EW. This argument's a case of calling out the Pot while forgetting the Kettle.

Point is that only Wasabii's done it right. NO point arguing about that while praising ANY other server as Holy.

Edit: I am not saying NA's perfect. It's flawed as Hell. But every server is. TW took -forever- to first release S-Ranks for example).
Note that Noir and Wing EW in sea are both obtainable wiithout spending a single cent. And I do not see how having C4 A ranks in a cash only webcap is not "cash-obessed". TW did in fact release S ranks slower, but only because they weren't as far behind to KR compared to the never servers to begin with. Besides, speedy S rank releases breed suit reiance after all. So its a bad thing in general.