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Originally Posted by Vartio
I know my answer: NA.

Playerbase that speaks English.
Playerbase that didn't fail English class.
Better connection for me.
Less Cash-obsessed events. Even if they are a tier worse overall, they are still events.
Staff that will actually hear my complaints and help out. Or rather can.

It's growing still, the community has a whiles to go until they accept the truth on many parts of NA...
At least Wasabii doesn't release suits that are way ahead of schedule and breaking the meta.

Doesn't help the playerbase if they release high tier suits and beginners rush to get them; they miss out on basic skills (like taking cover... You would be surprised with how many players just stand there in the opening).

Oh, and I read on the forum that people spent hundreds of dollars just for a Chaos. Sure, there's less cash events but people roll like mad for an A rank that is months ahead of schedule.
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