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Default Why SO MUCH HATE???

The hate for OGP and SDGONA saddens me greatly....

OGP is trying to balance content releases with player expectations and knowledge of what's to come.

People feel some things are being released too fast, some too slow.

They're trying some things to see if it helps (everyone getting exp in beginner channel) and making changes for things that don't seem to work (removing said exp).

Are they Korea or Taiwan? No. Are they perfect? No, but they're responsive to their community. They're TRYING, and I give them a lot of credit for that.

I know I stand a chance of being heard in SDGONA. In Korea or Taiwan? I'd probably get banned.

Originally Posted by Cypher15
> Reason why the game is going further downward into the toilet.
> OGP fixes it now of all times.

Is the criticism that they allowed everyone in the Beginner Channel (because of lack of Expert level player base) or that, now that they've built up the player base a bit more, they're now trying to balance things out again by pushing Experts back into their channel, like EVERY OTHER VERSION does?

I hear your hate - I just don't see your point.

Originally Posted by Bng422
Still don't get why you can only get 1 custom slot extender from a gashapon that costs 43 astros.

Do they not realise how inexpensive extenders really are? Hell you even get one for free from dailies...

$2.50 USD for 1 slot extender in NA... I can get almost 30 if I spend $2.50 USD in KR.
Originally Posted by Cypher15
Compare 10 for an extender to $2.50 for an extender.
Originally Posted by WhatThePho
herp derp 25 extenders.
Originally Posted by Bng422
Obviously I thought "slot extenders" = Custom Slot Extenders.

Did I really have to point that out?
Yes, their item names and translations could still use some work. However, I think you see the real items offered (25 Custom Capsule Machine Slot Expanders or one Hanger Expansion) for $2.15 (43 astros X $.05 / astro) isn't a bad deal.

Originally Posted by Cypher15
Colony Dock is one of the most hated stages in the game. Good luck trying to be happy when you dash-pad right into enemy territory...

Only SEA and JP Servers offer C4 S Ranks, yet you seem to want us to infer that every foreign server milks like this...
We're happy for any new content. My son and I actually enjoy Colony Dock - the vertical factor makes the map a unique battlefield. I dislike Cyclops, E-Gate and Onogoro Island much more than Colony Dock.

Re: Milking - I've spent thousands of dollars on SDGOTW. And I'm WELL AWARE of how hard TW can milk their users. But I think Wabbit's comment was directed more specifically at SEA's recent C4 S-ranks, rather than at every other server in existence.

Originally Posted by WhatThePho
iirc MCA=BAN thread was popular a while back.
It wasn't MCA that would net a ban, but SS instead (if it could ever be proven).

Originally Posted by Cypher15
No, they don't HAVE to, but they feel that they do. Plus the cover-up of "There's not enough people in Ex Server" doesn't work now, so they have no choice but to get angry.

Gold SUMO is getting a lukewarm reception... but Chaos and Gouf are popular...
Yeah, some "noob-stompers" and "easy-kill-getters" are complaining on the forums quite a bit. I'm hoping the Expert Channel will have the population it needs to sustain around the clock play.

Others are upset because of the current "Bingo" event going on. The crux of the event is that you have to play 5 DeathMatches in a day to get a "shield". Being able to play in the Beginner Channel, where there's always plenty of rooms, meant that all the players would stand a chance of completing the event. Now, 2/3 of the way through, "Experts" are being shunted back to their channel, where open, unlocked rooms are much more scarce. That's causing a lot of uproar as well.

Many players are rabid to get their hands on the Gold Sumo - there's at least one thread specifically dedicated to qqing over players' efforts at trying to score one.

Chaos is being touted as being "overpowered" and "released way too early", where Gouf Ignited is being called weak and inferior to Gouf Custom.

Originally Posted by Newtype
really whats the point in making channels for experts when they are using the beginners channel

guess they all want easy wins.....
Easy wins, noob-stomping, "Bingo shields", unlocked rooms during "non-peak hours", playing with lower ranked friends - these are all reasons for the desire for continued Exp from the beginner's channel.

Originally Posted by WhatThePho
Cuz NA is separated into Chinese players and everyone else.

Everyone else, regardless of user ranks, play in Beginner Channel.

herp derp.

edit: is Harry Ord sumo even that good? It looks mediocre at best to me. This borderline bigotry is very disturbing. Better check my ethnicity when I get home to see what channel Pho will allow me in.

re: Gold Sumo - it's the "new big thing". W2 reload is SLOW. W1 seems to attack pretty fast. W3's dash attack seems pretty effective. However, there's probably a lot of other suits available in KR and TW that could stomp it. But right now in SDGONA, it's IFBD is drawing a LOT of interest.

Originally Posted by Hellion
Shitty patch is to be expected, we're dealing with ogp here.
I don't see what's so wrong with the patch.
There's nothing in it that makes me go, "OMG, this is the best thang evah!!!", but I've seen worse.

They've released a new map, added two more capsule machines, added two more s-ranks, added some interesting events, updated their web gashapon, added new units to their Custom Capsule Machine, added Packages for the first time (!), more paints, stickers, MS rentals.

They could have release some BP's buildable with available units, put Hellion in the CCM or shop to fix the AS Kyrios BP problem, made a note about whether 2X weekends would be included this month, made a note about the free one day rentals of next month's S-ranks.

It's not a perfect, "OGP did everything right" patch, but I'd hardly call it shitty.

Well, I'm pretty sure my post will fall on deaf ears, with plenty of tl;dr's and "wall of text" remarks. Probably even some OGP-lover or various other inflammatory responses.

I just don't remember the board being so dang mean before SDGONA came out.

OGP didn't force the IP bans. Softmax licensed their games to other regions and their other licensees had to respect and abide by their agreements with Softmax to not infringe on each other's territories.

That doesn't make OGP the bad guy. Their just trying to bring a great game on-shore, and I applaud them for that.

Best wishes to all,