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I had considered joining the military but after me and my girl hooked up I couldn't leave her here, call me a softy but its just my nature to place her first. But also I don't agree with the current situation of our war so i don't feel the obligation to join. Now had the setting been like that of say WWII or something then yes I would have probably joined but it wasnt that so. While I don't agree with the administrations reason for war as a family member of someone that was in the forces and someone that has friends still serving I support my troops.

As I was taught about being a soldier from my readings in Zun Tzu The Art of War and from a old friend "its not a soldiers place to question the reason for war as it is to question is it necessary to die or to live in the coming battle" and of course "a soldier fights because its his job not because he believes in the reason for it, just like you may work for a company selling things people dont need, its your job but doesnt mean you believe in the product you are selling."