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Hello everyone I'm Primal at ggFTW.
I think you have a great thing going on here and I'm just here to support you.

I did have a 7767 on my main account but I'm not going to complain about it or anything because I really don't care anymore. I'm here to tell you that the 7767 spread to a whole lot of my guild mates and to some of my close friends which caused many of them to quit the game, I just took a break for some months. When we first got the 7767 we thought it was an error and it would be fixed instantly since so many people got it, however that would not be the case since some of us did wait for quite some months and nothing was done.
We sent quite a few emails about this and all we got were some saying that they were investigating it and others actually accusing us of sharing accounts and what not. This really did annoy me, I can't say that nobody shared but I know that most people didn't and never would and just because they played sometimes at their friend's house or public places was no excuse to hammer them that way.
I too did stop playing for a while because I couldn't recharge and when I did recharge on my mules just so I wouldn't miss some boxes and what not, they too got a 7767 and it made me just give up since I had been waiting for months and no decent response.
What I did in the end was give up on that account and start over, but now I don't feel like playing anymore since I'm always with fear to get another 7767 on my account and since most of my friends quit I just really feel like TO has lost its spark.

I really do hope that all of you get your 7767 fixed because I do know what it feels like to be in your position.
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