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Originally Posted by Veloze
Name: Makala mistituke

Ocupation: trainer and cordinator

Looks: black hair to waist sometimes in pony tail, black skirt, black top only covers chest, skinny, shows stomach, tan, black high heels, brown eyes.

Crush: ash

Looks for cordinator: black dress that goes to the floor, hair up in a ponytail or down but straight and curly, black high heels, brown eyes, black eye shadow, black gloves go to elbows, red lip stick.

Friends that travel with her: jack, briana, and maria

Makala age: 12


Raichu:boy-volt tackle, iron tail, hyper beam, and thunder bolt

Pichu brothers: boys-volt tackle, iron tail, thunder, thunderbolt

Pikachu:girl-hyper beam, volt tackle, thunderbolt, iron tail

Giratina: gender unknown but she thinks itís a boy-shadow force, dragon claw, shadow ball, stomp

Lucario:boy-force palm, focus blast, aura sphere, focus punch

Magmortar :boy-flame thrower, fire punch, flame wheel, fire blast.

lopunny:girl-bounce, ice beam, protect, metronome.

Pokemon in pc:gallade, purugly, gardvoir, dialga, palkia, arceus, floatzel, electrivier, torterra, ectLand: sinnoh

Bio: makala usually uses raichu, pichu brothers, or pikachu for a reason is because all four of those Pokemon have been together since makala was five years old. She had raised them herself. She doesnít want pikachu or the pichu brothers to evolve. She likes them the way they are. She is working on becoming the best trainer and cordinator ever. When she beats cinthea she will have to face her dad. Her dad is more powerful than cinthea so she is training hard to beat her dad cause she knows he wonít go easy on her. She is also aiming to beat her mom cause she is the best cordinator ever so far. She believes in her Pokemon and they believe in her.

Fears: spiders and thunderstorms

Father: max-is apart of the elite four. He is at the top even better then cinthia. No one has been able to beat him ever. He is a muscular guy and loves his Pokemon. His Pokemon are. Regigigas, manaphy, lugia, groudon, manaphy, and his best deoxys. Deoxys and him have been friends since he was 10 he healed deoxys back to life from where he got attacked by multiple Pokemon. He also loves his family and cares about them. Heís always up for a good battle. Heíll never say no.

Mother: Lily-she is a coordinater. She loves to go to contest. She is the best contestant yet. The Pokemon she usually uses for contest is-empoleon,infernape, purugly, uxie, azelf, mesprite. She loves her Pokemon and always takes care of them. They even have a farm land in the back of there house that Pokemon are aloud to come and go wild or not

Her friends that are with her Iíll make a oc for them k?
i used to have such a boner for pokemon rpgs, you wouldna belief