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Feeling nostalgic, huh?
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Originally Posted by LadyLambdadelta
Aww Shirley we definitely need to stay in touch! I'll send you my private infos through PM

LOLZ I used to multi-task on my laptop so much but now I'm running short on ram so I can't have internet open while I'm on VMware to run Trickster ):
And plus I'm at a science research camp at a college right now and many sites are blocked sighhh. Luckily I was able to find proxy to get this site through hehe (plus I can use my phone occasionally to get through...I just hate posting on my phone. Lags like heck when I type)

I'm so glad we have the same timezone. It's so much easier to catch each other (well at least when I was still in MC and when you used to play more often ) I was wondering do you know of any guilds that are "PST friendly?" ...besides MC apparently since I heard you guys have started to become really inactive ): (what's with guilds dying these days?)

I can't wait for the new GVG system!!! It will be amazing! And I want to GVG with you!! (but you said MC doesn't like to GVG much? D: )
I'll unfreeze LadyxEva really soon because I'm thinking of moving my future Soul Master who took her spot to another account. YAY!

Mini I want to hear more of your stories about the Duelist Trio again and everything else!

Btw how has your summer been? What have you been up to?
Someplace like CSI... Right? IDK. I have a little cousin who is going through this summer program/school at Cal Poly.

Anyway, I think it's hard for me to find people who are on the States area. ^^; Besides myself and a Buffalo who SURPRISINGLY is at the same community college as I am! Sadly he has not been on and I guess pretty much lost in contact. (I still has his Jessica sketch gift art! <3) In terms of guild dying... I don't know. Guild leader "grow up", and I am apparently affected. Plus with little activity to play (I'm still more of a Episodes-girl and waiting if there is a plan for Epi. 7 and 8 for real.)...

If the matters goes beyond my expectations, I will be probably moving JessicaUshiromia as my dummy guild leader for MC so I can slap in LadyGaap for any guild who would love a haxx Duelist into the GvG party! xD (Hopefully Dawn can! D<)

A bit off-topic, but I really want my Trickster storytelling to continue. I am thinking of opening a profile for LadyGaap and see how many of these random crossover RPers would accept her.. xD But yes I would love to resume those "Trio" tales! I might slap you and Hiku's names somewhere since those three Duelists are my favorite and "active" in my heart! Also, it would be neat if I can combine those Rydia sprite edits into one sig or avi! *w* It would be cute! But I need Hiku's outfit information. ;w; (And it has to be Schoolgirl or Boxer form atm. ;; Unless she had a different "flying character" model in mind~)

Oh and Summer is hot. xD I am going to be on hiatus from late July to early August. Full details will be posted somewhere on MC, Facebook, Tumblr, and

And in defense of why some can't come in: The game is slowly getting bigger, which means that there are some people that had lag issues due to the many players online (Make multiple channels, SGI!). I was one of them and I can't get on all the time because I want to surf more at Tumblr and engage the Tumblrverse like a community... Plus, the type box is easy to manage than a simple chat-box at Trickster. :S

So.. Yea. I still have this crazy "murder-mystery hide-and-seek" (AKA Umineko but with Trickster interaction) idea for MC, but that kind of rejected since I don't feel motivated and no one like to join in role-play-ish events. (Like the Mascot Wars, I wanted to make a super-huge bracket form for character judgement, but everyone else wanted the simple system where they vote for the graphical work. :I )