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"Whatever kid. You were the one who said you were gonna drive an RC car through a government office," Anna replied with a smirk.

"All right you're both pretty, ladies. Follow me and Nihiru and we'll talk you through procedures once we hit Point A."

"Take care of those kids. I need to sort some things here, but I'll meet you when you finish your mission."

"With that said, everyone follow me."

Shigga just moved his mouth to one side, and he could tell almost everyone didn't find him favorable or even useful. Well, maybe except as a scapegoat. Or bait. Or a third-wheel. It was maddening that he had to deal with people that didn't understand him or his situation with Magenta. Or chose not to. Whatever.

Even if he explained, they wouldn't care. Why would they? They're just as heartless as the dogs in the government. But with them, he had a chance of a better future. A chance to see his mother well again. And perhaps a chance to rid him of this other powerful conscience that will drive him mad with blood lust and carnage if he were to weaken his resolve by an inkling.

With that, Shigga, looking more serious than ever, got up quietly from his seat, picked up his duffle bag, and followed.

"I already hate where this is going with these people...."

"Then why waste any more time?!" Magenta chimed in his head, "Let end them in a glorious bloodbat--"

"JUST SHUT UP!!" Shigga shouted within his conscience. At that moment, he grimaced and held onto his brow, as if a twinge of pain had struck him through his forehead. He would definitely have to seclude himself in a room tonight once this misson was over. He suppressed her back into the corner of his mind. For now.

Shigga composed himself again, and sighed.

"Right. Let's do this." he said, sounding a little more masculine - and much more grave. "For Mom..."

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