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I wrote this thread when I was incredibly frustrated wasn't thinking clearly at all. I just wanted to vent my anger out on this forum, so I did. But I can understand how a lot of people would think I always have this kind of attitude.

I really don't like the phrase "It's not the dog it's the owner". Not because I disagree, but because I think it makes it sound like I've poorly raised my dogs or I don't treat them well, which is not the case.

My dogs and I do a lot of individual training together. They are very well behaved, loving animals. The only thing they have trouble with is socializing with other dogs, especially smaller ones. Like mentioned before, it's most likely because they have had very little interaction with other dogs when they were puppies. I was younger when they were puppies, and was living in a fairly large home with a huge backyard. My mom's told she never took them to dog parks or to meet friends' dogs because she felt that they had everything they needed where they were.

Back on the leash thing, when my dogs see other dogs, that is the only time they ever act out in a very hard to control manner. I appreciate the advice given to very slowly socialize my dogs with others, and I agree that it was wrong of me to say it could never change, because that isn't true.

It still frustrates me though when people walk their dogs without a harness or a leash. There are many different kinds of leashes that can make it a whole lot more comfortable for the dog too. I stand firm in the belief that unless your dog is well trained enough to listen to your commands when you're walking them without a leash, you shouldn't be walking them without one. It isn't my fault at all when someones dog dashes to mine and starts trying to get really close to them despite the owner telling them not to. This is where my frustration is from

Anyways, I'll try to convince my mom to slowly introduce our dogs to some of our friends dogs so ours are more comfortable with strangers, and issues like this can be avoided.

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