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Originally Posted by PKShota
Well I got a big arse movement spd socket on my cash weapon so that took care of movement for me.

Your stats should be atk spd, awakening charge and crit. Primarily you want 15-18 atk spd, because Tussle Technique gives an additional 3%. Then, get crit to 30-40 and combine with Sharpshooter Syndrome. If you do not want SS, then having crit at 30 or above is fine, I recommend at least 40 or 45. If you have the spare slots, then get awakening charge, or if you can find set effects with awakening time/charges, get that.
okay thanks for the solution

and 1 more question about "Accurate Marksmanship". Was the +10% accuracy only affect to silver shooter and cannon attacks, or also normal smacking attacks?

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