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Default Go buy a ***ing leash.

There's a lot of anger in this post, but it's something that's really been bothering me for a long while and I need to vent and get it off my chest.

I can't express enough how badly it angers me now when I see people walking their dogs without a leash. I live in an apartment with two dogs and I have to walk them daily around 4 times for bathroom breaks, which isn't a problem at all. But both of my dogs have never been good with other peoples dogs, because when my parents raised them they never got to be around anything but each other and us.

Almost every single time I walk them I encounter a dumb ass walking three tiny little *****es, and not one of them is ever wearing a leash. Of course my dogs always start freaking out and tugging on me trying to get at them, and what a surprise, all three of his dogs are now running at me and I have to forcefully keep my dogs away from them so they don't hurt them. I have something to say to you, Mr.Man. GO BACK TO YOUR HOUSE, LEAVE YOUR DOGS THERE, DRIVE TO WALLMART, AND BUY A ***ING LEASH Make that three.

I live around so many people who walk there dogs without a leash. I understand why you do it, it's more comfortable for the dog, and less work for you too. But unless your dog is well trained enough to stay at your side no matter what is happening, make them wear a god damn leash. It's INCREDIBLY frustrating to always have other peoples dogs speeding towards my not very friendly ones, and having to deal with it every day.

What also really makes me mad is that these people never learn. I run into them on different paths frequently and my initial reaction is to head the opposite direction because I REALLY don't want to put up with it. But THEY FOLLOW ME WITH THEIR DOGS. Are you kidding me?! What, you've run into me like 10 times and it's ALWAYS been a big hassle for both of us to handle our dogs because you refuse to put a leash on yours, and you still insist on following me, while your dogs are still trying to get at mine. I swear to god the people that live in this state have all suffered major brain damage that has caused them to be ****ing stupid.

If I could make my dogs friendlier with other dogs they've never met, trust me, I'd rather have it that way too. But they've matured, and that's how they've always been and always will be, and it isn't going to change. So either buy a leash so you can control your dog from running at other peoples dogs, or be less of a dumb shit and not walk directly in my direction every single time you see me.
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