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Hi my name is Prince at ggFTW, but in-game my main character is Astos and this is my 7767 story.

I've had the 7767 on my main account for about 3 years or more I believe,and the reasons as to how I got it are as follow.

I believe the main reason why I got the 7767 is that I logged on from a different computer on my account while I was on vacation. At that time I didn't know, and I had no clue what a 7767 stood out for, so I didn't try to resolve it or thought about it until last summer when I got active again. My other account wasn't affected until about two months ago, when a friend of mine logged on to different accounts of hes from my PC, during the events,and he played with mine after that, which resulted into me getting both accounts 7767. I tried to resolve it by writing a mail, got a response at first but after I sent mine, nothing came after that.

Because I created the account so long ago, I never bothered to remember what I wrote on the info page and the secret question and answer, and now I'm pretty much stuck.

I was planning to re-charge this summer since I saw that finally there was a payment method for my country that I could use to re-charge! There where lots and lots of items that I was interested in getting for the summer events but I never got a chance due to my accounts being 7767ed!

I believe it was my fault for the 7767 due to my lack of information, and I'm not blaming SGI, I'm just hopping there's a way I can get my account back!
Whenever I see the 7767 on my account I feel like I've missed allot! I don't want to quit playing since I have allot of good memories in this game that I'm fond of. And I also think there are many other players who feel the same way that I do. I just hope we can get our accounts back...