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Good to see others who are into culinary. I just love to mix things.

Punch of 7 Soho

Perfect for parties, who can not resist lychee and alcohol?

1. Fill a glass halfway with any fruit juice (I like tropicana orange,mango and peach blend).
2. Fill with 1/4 7 up.
3. Add 2-5 caps of Soho (I use the bottlecap from the soho bottle as a unit of measurement). 2 caps for the flavor, 5 caps for the punch. Heh heh...
4. Garnish with whatever fruit you want (slice of lime, lemon, cherry).

Oyster Shots

Because raw oysters make you smart! Or is it the pearls.... either way they also go nicely at parties and seafood dinners.
DO NOT make this recipe during the beginning of the months of March through the end of April, red tide and dinoflagellates bloom season. You want bloody diahrea?

1. Open some FRESH oysters, already opened and canned stuff tastes like crap because they are crap.
2. In a dish, have a mix of 75% table salt with 25% black pepper. Wet the rims of shot glasses and dip it into the salt/pepper mixture. The idea here is to make the rims crusted with salt/pepper.
3. Put 1 oyster into each shot glass.
4. Fill the shot glasses 75% Clamato and the rest with citron vodka.
5. (Optional) add a small stick of celery, it's really there just to add a "crunch" and color factor.

Vegetable (and bones XD) Stew (Yields ~2.3 liters)

One of my biggest accomplishments in my history of cooking. The bones can be from chicken, beef, pork, turkey, won't really matter because they all make the soup taste so much better.
(I use an electric stove btw.)

1. Chop up half a bulb of onion (large one of course), 2 potatoes, 4 sticks of celery, 4 sticks of carrots and 4-6 tomatoes.
2. In a large pot, add some olive/canola oil (I prefer olive oil because it goes very nicely with the onions and garlic) and heat it on medium heat.
3. Add the onions and saute for about a minute or 2 at mid-high heat, constantly stirring to keep any bits from burning.
4. Add the rest of the vegetables, keep stirring for 3 minutes. Then turn to low heat.
5. Add 2L of boiling water. Let it sit for about a minute.
6. With a good knife, cut open the bones to expose the marrow, then add those to the soup.
7. Dice 2 cloves of garlic and add them in.
8. Let it sit on low heat for a good 2-4 hours, the idea is to bring out all of the flavour from the bones and veggies into the soup.
9. Chop up some fresh parsley, thyme, whatever other herbs you like and add them in.

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