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Hi my name is SteelFlex on ggftw and this is my 7767 story

I've had my 7767 since like 2009, I have sent numerous emails to nTreev about it only to get excuses as to why they cannot fix it. Several of my friends have quit because of it. Making 7767 and ip ban which could spread to other accounts you login was kinda over-kill on their part, when I first got the 7767 message I began to login to all my other mule accounts to send a 1:1 and guess what, they got it too.

I find it annoying since the "Boys are Back" event said that you could only get the special box accessory by buying at least 1 box from your account and having the corresponding pet in your inventory. which makes it very hard for most of my friends and me since we cannot recharge on our main accounts.

They would've made more money by not implementing 7767, since people have either quit or stopped recharging because of it.