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I wonder what are the levels and stats of the Petit Scarf for each type ^^

Originally Posted by zemega
"You spend your time in front of the AC, and time just flies by until school resumes. There are many adventurers who spend their break like this, and regret it later on."

Yeah, the event say that, but the event itself is telling us to hole up in our room in front of the AC playing eTO.

Quest 1, find volleyball. Quest 2, find watermelon. Quest 3, find sand. Quest 4, hunt Possessed Crow. Quest 5, treasure hunt and collect items. Quest 1-3, seems like either monster drop or drill item. Quest 4 is MQ. Quest 5 sounds like Surprise Spot Drilling, If not rare drill item.

Hopefully these Quest Items are NOT very common drilled items (like jasmines)

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