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Originally Posted by OwlyDreams

Oh Lady how I will miss you. I still want to have contact though, even if it will be hard! I want your MSN, Facebook, Whatsapp... WHATEVER Q.Q .. in my private messages!!!!
Aww Shirley we definitely need to stay in touch! I'll send you my private infos through PM

Originally Posted by Gaap
*Invade 'cause I'm an Ex-Member?*

Ahhh! For your age, you seem to be busy! Hauuu!!! @A@;

This is a perspective from a member of my own guild, yet I go AFK-dazes at times. With the access to FireFox and had other community-based sites to run and chat, you would most likely go AFK and check on the web like Tumblr or Facebook... And really. I know there are a handful of people who can do multi-task, but for my case I can't, because the most "priority" place to check are the ones that flash out the most, lol!

And agree double on the Witch. Timezones are vary on each member. Lucky for me me and Sherry/BEATRICE are on PST... Let alone surprisingly at the same state! The only flaw is that I am at my own dead/hibernating guild and the rest of my characters (who are not as active) are at Sherry's mule guild. ^^; (Worldend Dominator FTW!)

So anyway, I LOVE the Murder Games/Midnight Dawn Mysteries (Yes I am giving this game series a title) and GvG. M.C. had been an anti-GvG guild for a long time and I am the only strongest character of a guild leader that is capable of helping out in these fun Dog-Days-like wars.. Plus we are waiting for the new GvG system, right?

Yea. Sorry to butt right in, but I enjoy being with some of my known Dawn friends back there... And I think it's because of Sherry that I have made M.C. a story-based guild. Hiku as Virgilia, Sherry as most of the witches so far (though Lambda-Fox got frozen atm), and I run one of the Ushiromiyas a Bunny (LadyGaap) who is a witch-occult fangirl. Oh and the "Mascot Wars" with Sherry's fox in it was epic~! B) Maybe Dawn can pull a similar forum event? I don't mind someone mooching my ideas.

Okay enough blabbering! I have my own pressures at the moment, especially at the trip and the stuff I want to bring that I know I am not able to. T.T;
LOLZ I used to multi-task on my laptop so much but now I'm running short on ram so I can't have internet open while I'm on VMware to run Trickster ):
And plus I'm at a science research camp at a college right now and many sites are blocked sighhh. Luckily I was able to find proxy to get this site through hehe (plus I can use my phone occasionally to get through...I just hate posting on my phone. Lags like heck when I type)

I'm so glad we have the same timezone. It's so much easier to catch eachother (well at least when I was still in MC and when you used to play more often ) I was wondering do you know of any guilds that are "PST friendly?" ...besides MC apparently since I heard you guys have started to become really inactive ): (what's with guilds dying these days?)

I can't wait for the new GVG system!!! It will be amazing! And I want to GVG with you!! (but you said MC doesn't like to GVG much? D: )
I'll unfreeze LadyxEva really soon because I'm thinking of moving my future Soul Master who took her spot to another account. YAY!

Mini I want to hear more of your stories about the Duelist Trio again and everything else!

Btw how has your summer been? What have you been up to?


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