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Originally Posted by LauraMix
Don't start a flame war with me.

And I was a former Dawn Member before til I quit before but I am semi-active in the forums.

Also, I have 2 very trusted friends told me about you're action on, End of January 2012 - Start of February 2012.

And plus this is Supersonic06/AuraMix/AuraTyranitar.
I'm not starting any war with you, I'm just asking you questions. I see. Well being active on the forums is different from being active in the guild, in my opinion. So again, in my opinion, the members of the guild know better since they are in the guild.

My ''action'' at the beginning of this year - aka me leaving Dawn, was I think a very normal reaction to what happened. If you were told the whole story, I think you would understand that I felt very, very hurt after what I've heard, and didn't see how I could stay in Dawn anymore. However, I discussed this later with my very trusted friends.
Now that I came back again, I talked to my very trusted friends who are aswell subleaders. I don't see any of those protest against my being in Dawn, and I can tell that even one of them told me this; ''Dawn needs active members, you're one of them''
''.. I don't mean that you're the only one to revive Dawn, but at the moment you've got the most passion to do that''

The other two subleaders, like Michael for instance, as you can also see some posts above you, are happy to have me.

If you want any print screens that one of the subleaders actually told me what I just quoted, just say so. I don't lie anyway .

Edit: Could you still tell me what you're not too sure about?
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