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Originally Posted by Ephemeral
each of us have reason why can't be active..

Originally Posted by Ephemeral
most ppl that are online are afk. some aren't logging in.

Exactly, each of us have our reasons to be inactive, but I would still like to say something. Let me take an example. Lucky is very busy with army now, but still somehow he makes time to login. Even if you can only be online 2 hours per 3/4 days. Though I personally don't see that immediately as active. In my personal opinion, you are active when you come online now and then, connect with others, post something on the forum, etc .. But logging on and being afk? That is NOT active guys. Just set your character at Dawn spot, or wherever, is I repeat, NOT active because you're afk.

Originally Posted by LauraMix
I'm not too sure, since I have my doubts about you.
You are not too sure about what exactly? Please explain. And you have doubts about me? In which point exactly? Please explain.

Edit: As far as I know you're not part of Dawn, with this I can't see how you can judge Dawn and/or me. But I'd still like to know what it is you have doubts about.

Originally Posted by Rokugatsu
my thread about the chat I wanted to be use by everyone in the guild to just talk
Originally Posted by Rokugatsu
and I got sick.
That is great that you came up with this idea. I like it alot yes. But what I'm talking about now is the activity ingame which needs to go up. First that, then everything else?

And get well soon!

Originally Posted by nichiyobi
Personally, I wouldnt like it if I logon and nobody else is talking to me other than Demi, Lucky, Zokei, JokX, Nysee, Neko, or Archie(if you ddnt get mentioned sorry but if we did get to talk, it just means I just forgot). Also, if I logon and someone just says hi and nothing else, well that wouldnt be interesting now would it.

Originally Posted by nichiyobi
If we're going to do something we should do it while we still have a chance.
That's exactly why I posted this. To do something while we still can do something.

Originally Posted by nichiyobi
And also Shirley I'll be willing to extend my help if need be. You know me :P
Yes yes I know you'll help :3

Originally Posted by LadyLambdadelta
After I've had more time to really think this over...I think it's time I say goodbye to Dawn.
Oh Lady how I will miss you. I still want to have contact though, even if it will be hard! I want your MSN, Facebook, Whatsapp... WHATEVER Q.Q .. in my private messages!!!!
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