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After I've had more time to really think this over...I think it's time I say goodbye to Dawn.

I think my inactiveness is mostly fueled by the fact that my timezone is so much different from everyone else's in the guild. When I do log on, I realize that I could play longer. It's just that NO ONE (and I really mean no one. For the past 3 weeks whenever I've logged on to Dawn I was the only one "Connected" besides AFK Hiku D: ) is on and I have no motivation to stay logged on.

With my summer already extremely packed, I really can't find time to log onto TO until around 10 PM PST. From what I've known Dawn members have mostly been SEA/European timezone (except for a few old, no-longer members like Dia and Aky) so I've been having a lot more trouble catching people online. And as true in life, people come and go. Many old Dawn members no longer play TO and even though I'm not leaving the game, it looks like it's my turn to say goodbye.

This year will be my Junior year of high school so my schedule can only get busier from now on = not logging on until very late PST time. So I guess now I'll go guild hunting for a guild that has a lot more PST players.

I know most of the old members that I had the time to get to know are gone (so they most likely won't see this), and the newer members I've sadly haven't been able to get to know as much. ...But I'd like to thank you all for everything! It's been an amazing 3 years being part of Dawn<3 All you guys take care and have fun playing TO and IRL!

<3 Love <3

(I'll probably come by to check on Dawn forums every once in awhile just to see what's up )


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