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In my case, it's not like I'm inactive or anything. Most of the time I'm juggling between sleep and setting my schedules straight. But I logon whenever I can though.

And hmmm don't take it against me or anything, I'll be stating my opinion on this.

Personally, I wouldnt like it if I logon and nobody else is talking to me other than Demi, Lucky, Zokei, JokX, Nysee, Neko, or Archie(if you ddnt get mentioned sorry but if we did get to talk, it just means I just forgot). Also, if I logon and someone just says hi and nothing else, well that wouldnt be interesting now would it.

I'm not pointing fingers at anyone here believe me, it's just how I see the guild right now.

If we're going to do something we should do it while we still have a chance.

And also Shirley I'll be willing to extend my help if need be. You know me :P