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Hi my name is Deletris on ggftw and in game I am better known is AlphaOnmicide in game, and this my 7767 story~

In the past I've gotten 7767 numerous times and have had it removed. However recently I've gotten banned for 7767/account sharing. The only accounts banned with it are my mules. I would really love to clear this misunderstanding however I have waited many months for a reply.

My guild has died completely and the other neighboring guild has also had almost all their players banned because of 7767. It has forced many guildies that remained to leave. Many of my friends have also been greatly affected and like them I as well have considered leaving this game.

I've never really bothered with events online, however it is really disappointing that with 7767 I cannot recharge. I have missed a lot of myshop events and have been forced to get them a year later or longer. (Some of which were not re-released) I believe this defeats the purpose of 7767 especially when there are no chargebacks involved.

Sadly, people do not stick with one computer for six years. Over this course of time I've visited libraries, internet cafes, used different wifi connections, bought new computers, and has changed internet providers. (As well as moved once)

Furthermore, when I stay over at a relatives or a friend's house I would use their internet and if they play trickster we can pretty see what happens next. From this I find it extremely hard to avoid 7767 and even more when 7767 was not widely known.

When I did get my 7767 fixed I was extremely careful and only used my home computer/made new mules. For some odd reason it only kept coming back as time passed.

In the end, I believe 7767 defeats the reason for why it was implemented.
It does not appear to benefit anyone either.