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First I shall introduce myself. My name is Shirlette Katherine -Surname- -Surname-. You can call me Shirley or Kate. (Or stuff like Shir, Shily, Shirls, Kath, Katie, Kat.. whatever).

So.. Who am I? I'm just a member like mostlikely the reader of this, a.k.a. you.

I think many have already noticed, but the activity of the guild is very low. We have quality members like Nysee, Zokei, Callee, JokX, Archie, Elena.. And of course our subs and leader, Lara, Lucky, Elaiza(Hiku) and Michael (Nichi). Forgive me if I didn't mention you, probably that is because I haven't met you yet.
Although we have such great people among us, still somehow the guild doesn't ''connect'' in my personal opinion. Perhaps some will not agree with me, but I noticed the lack of connection between the members. I've been brainstorming over what it possibly could be. Maybe some are shy, some don't want to be bothered, some are afraid to speak up.. I have no idea, but this just can't go on like this.

Dawn is a big, friendly, helpful family. Anyone is welcome in Dawn, although we ask just some simple things from you. To be active and friendly. Now I understand that some of you have things to do. One has work, the other studies. That's understandable, and I do not ask you to be online and active in Dawn 24/7.

All I ask from you all, as a member, as a part of this big family, and as a friend, please try to do something for the guild aswell. Try getting to know someone else abit more, maybe you guys have the same likes, maybe you guys like the same movie, book.. whatever. Maybe it doesn't work out, but that's ok, you can't be friends with everyone, and at least you tried. Perhaps tell some people who haven't joined a guild that Dawn is nice, we will welcome the person with open arms. We are always glad to welcome another person aboard.

I care for this guild and for the people in it, and that is why I also try to do something. Hopefully someone else in Dawn wants to help aswell.

EDIT: I've read the idea of Rokugatsu about the chat. In my opinion this is a very nice idea. This way everyone can chat without any problem with eachother. But for now I'd like to concentrate on the activity inside the guild, with that I mean ingame, and not outside.

Thank you for reading, I appreciate it. Here's a kitten.

P.S If you DO think that you connect with others, if you DO think that you are active. Good. I didn't name any names, so please, instead of posting here that you are active, maybe suggest some ideas for the guild to be more active.
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