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Default Knight Online: Make your comrade PROUD!

Ever wonder what it feels like to compete for the Worlds? Full of mixed emotions, seeing the results of what you have been preparing for a long time.

GnG World Championship 2012 is just around the corner. Me and my friends have decided to join via competing for a slot to be one of the teams that will be sent to Germany at GamesCom.

Our game is Knight Online (USKO), we are aiming to be number one for fame and also we do not disregard the prizes that will be given which include real cash.

If there's any chance that you are an old player of Knight Online? you might want to check their announcements for more info.

Europe Knight Online
[GNGWC] Knight Online goes to GNGWC 2012!

US Knight Online
[GNGWC] Knight Online goes to GNGWC 2012!