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Hi my name is Lita. Hello SGI Staff, I am xRainfallx of GGftw and this is my 7767 story.

I've had 7767 across my accounts several times..all revised within weeks normally. I've gotten 7767 for being h a c k ed twice...but then afterwards, for my sister being h a c k e d as well. I find it unfair how because it is an IP ban, that I am subject to this as well just because my sister is on the same IP as me. I have also logged in from various places such as on vacation and gotten 7767 I believe..but that's besides the point. I really miss being able to recharge and I feel like you don't want my support money. This game does depend on players buying myshop, doesn't it? And I feel bad that I can no longer support my favorite game, as well as missing out on items/sales that I'd like to spend myshop points on. I have a couple of UGCs at this moment that I'd love to spend on trickster..but I have 7767. I have had it for a couple of months now with no reply. I also miss being able to log onto the official forum, and I've been a top poster since 2009. It kinda discourages me from playing the game at all, sometimes seeing how my friends can get all the new items that I'd love to recharge to buy. I play other MMOs, but I've been trying to be patient because this is one of my favorites if not my favorite, but I don't feel like you care anymore. I'm not trying to accuse, don't get me wrong, but why don't you want to try to get rid of our 7767 if you want our money? Also...for events such as the board game I had hundreds of dice just sitting there as I hoped for my 7767 to be removed. I needed a lot of the items from that event, too.. But I really miss being able to participate in forum events and website events and all of that. I really hope you fix all our of 7767 issues. xoxo -Lita
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