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Mwu Strike is a wonderful suit, contrary to popular belief. (The belief that an old suit sucks shit)

It retains Aile Strike's top tier rifle speed. Gotta know how to be agile and move from cover to cover to take full advantage.

Melee... can't really compare to regular Aile Strike because I don't remember how Aile Strike melee goes. But it's good enough to get the job done.

The Bazooka is damn awesome, as long as you can deal with the delay before it fires. Use that delay to your advantage to have some extra time to line up some shots (predict where people are going). A clipped ammo reload is wonderful for any bazookas.

Skill 1 is an awesome team buff. If you can get skill 1 and stay alive, your teammates will thank you.

btw, in TW I did the full 50 games to exchange 10 vouchers for it. In KR I did the mission 2 times and got the plan straight up. Guess it's luck =S
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