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Default 7767 - Let Your Voice Be Heard

Hi guys! In Rydia's stead I will be running this thread while she is on vacation for the next two weeks. This will not be a place to discuss, flame, cuss, or fume out your negative feelings. All such posts will be reported and requested to be deleted. If you want to discuss the 7767 account ban, please go here: /forum/trickster-onl...ople-here.html.

Orginally Posted by Rydia

Basically we want to collect a bunch of messages from everyone about unresolved 7677s and then post them all on the official forum in one post as a way for people with 7677 to get their voices heard on an official platform. The post will go in Suggestions and the suggestion will be that 7677ed people need help.

The messages are to be NICE and RESPECTFUL this isn't a chance for you to rip into the GMs and swear at the game. I know you're frustrated but anger isn't going to get us anywhere. We're looking for stuff like this in your message:

- How long you've been 7677ed
- How you miss being able to participate in website events.
- How you would like to recharge again.
- How having a 7677 is making you not want to play as much and how that makes you sad because you love Trickster.

Something along those lines. They can be long or short, whatever you are comfortable with sharing.

You don't have to have a 7677 to write a message, if you have something to say about how you think all these unresolved 7677s are effecting the game and community, it can be posted too.

Someone will make a thread when we have gathered enough messages, so tell your friends who have a 7677 to post here! If they don't have a ggftw account, tell them to make one, it takes like a minute and every post will help.
If anyone has suggestions on things to add please send me a Private Message. This thread is ONLY going to be personal accounts of players's 7767s. It will be linked from the main forum to show proof to the staff that individual people did in fact post everything and essentially that we're not making anything up (not like we would).

You should also PM me if I miss an "offensive" post.

You may add POSITIVE comments about the idea of this thread (This idea is great, I hope this works for people, etc), but please do not DISCUSS 7767.

Please include the following in your post, please follow this exactly (or at least along these lines) as it will be easier for whoever posts this to copy and paste all the accounts of 7767 into the big thread for the official forums.

Hi my name is/Hello SGI Staff, I am/etc YOUR FORUM NAME HERE and this is my 7767 story.

Write your story here.
I mean it when I say I am really policing this thread.

If you change your forum username, please edit in your post. I will hound you and if you do not follow the rules I will ask that your post be deleted, I will keep a copy in a Word document and you can PM me for it back when you're willing to follow the rules.

I will edit in any new rules after making a post, so please check for MY posts for updates, and it's up to you to update your post if you want to include new information. I will constantly re-read updated posts to watch for vulgarity/insults.

This thread will be closed upon completion and most of this information will be edited out prior.

This will go on for about two-three weeks before we post it, depending on how many people keep posting after two weeks (which is when Rydia will return, and it's her idea so I want her back to finish execution).

Two Weeks from posting date will be: July 14

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