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Okay ... that means that I put all bonus points in AC and the DV-Stat will raise automaticly with my level to 90?

I'm normally someone, who added the points variously x,D .... whatever

Okay, when I have 90 DV later on I'll make a pure AC ^^ ... eh ... that means I put everything in AC and it wont take tooo long to get to the 2rd/3rd job?
I know, that the lion is a gunner too, but ... yeah I'm female and because of that I would prefer female character >-<... hmn...

and what do you mean, that I must go hybrid when I'll will get the 3rd job? Oo i don't understand that, must I have special requirements for that? I didn't read so much about the 3rd jobs, because the most wikis don't have many informations about them.

Arhhh, I'm such a noob ;_; sorry.