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Default Fox Hybrid DA/AC?

Hi there ><

I'm a totaly newbie on trickster and just find my way through many guides and well ... I'm just confused now x,D because there is so many to think about. So I just wanna ask something.

I want to play a fox with 1144, because it sounds like an easy good way (and I don't want to make pvp)

But~ I hate decisions and I like Gunner-Classes aaaand I want to drill ... of course I could start two foxes ... but that is to much work x,D because I'm lazy and i want only one char... for now.

So because the both guides for a pure driller fox and a pure gunner fox said, that all bonus points go in DA for drilling and all in AC for gunner. Okay... I cant decide what I want to play, so that I thought that a hybrid with 50/50 in DA/AC is a good idea.

... What do you think? I want to fight with guns >< and I want to make enough damage to kill hard monsters, but I want to see the items under the ground too, because drilling is fun ...

is that a good idea? or do you think that no one wants to go with me in higher lvls?
Oh ... and what about the 3rd job ... is that possible with such a build and which 3rd job would be better?