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Default Chemistry Help

1) The masses and volumes of two cylinders are measured. The mass of cylinder 1 is 1.35 times the mass of cylinder 2. The volume of cylinder 1 is 0.792 times the volume of cylinder 2. If the density of cylinder 1 is 2.00 g/cm^3, what is the density of cylinder 2?

2) A chemical manufacturer needs to store a large amount of baby oil (density = 0.960 g/mL in a cylindrical tank with radius 1.80 ft. Note: the volume of a cylinder is pi*r^2*h, where r is the radius and h is the height. How high (in feet) will the level of the oil be when the tank contains 3.50 ton of baby oil?

3) A patient has a blood count of 765 white corpuscles per cubic millimeter. How many white blood cells would be contained in 0.52 dL of the patient's blood?

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