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Holy crap Im late.
Anyway my name is Eric.
I am 14 years old. Im probably the youngest person in the guild so Im basically like everyone's little brother.
My IGN is Gerbildude though i have 2 other Gerbils which are yet to be discovered.
I live in the U.S and the state is Missouri.
I am Probably the most unusual black kid you will ever meet.
I dont like chicken; my vocabulary is pretty intense; I dont sag; I dont eat fried chicken; and I dont live in the ghetto.
I like classical music mainly orchestra but Im in the band.
I play the flute and I guess you could say Im pretty good at it but compared to the prodigies at my High School id probably be mediocre.
I enjoy playing pokemon but I tend to like only the 1st-3rd Generation. My favorite pokemon is probably Squirtle and its evolutions. (.I like water and grass types but Charmander is pretty epic too)
I enjoy the sport of Track and Field and specialize in the 200M, 400M,and 800M races. I also run Cross country.
I like to do parkour from time to time too.
Not sure if theres much more to say but umm Im pretty sure i sorta just wrote a biography XD.