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Originally Posted by LadyLambdadelta
Oh my...I can't believe it. The day that I finally see 2nd job Bika equips is here He should be added to eTO this Wednesday...right?!?!!!?

And about the level 260-290 area, I do agree that TO does need one. I guess you could just get through the gap with Fiesta/Shadow Dailies/CT but it still takes a while...orz for me at least. I'm still stuck at level 281. I'm hoping to do Tap Mine PQ I was saving to get to level 290ish to start Abyss questies.
But from what Kale was saying, I think it's highly unlikely that Phantom School will become level 260-290 area. (Even though I wish it would happen</3) ...But I guess we never know. Hopefully kTO does SOMETHING with Phantom School...

But on the otherhand again..... BIKA!!!!!!!!<3
i believe that was just saying bika got added to jto ^^;; dunno when it'll come to eto.
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