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Oh man, the new patch is like 3 steps forward, and 2 steps back. Or maybe it's the other way around.

Attack Speed nerf was huge, about 60-70% decrease. This results in monks getting trampled while they're already kicked on the ground, DH wishing they rolled wiz, and WDs got hurt pretty bad too. ASPD is pretty much worthless now, considering how much you have to stack. End game extremely lucky high rolls only.

You could say the damage nerf to inferno offsets the general lower DPS of everyone...but it's really only a good trade for barbs and wiz to a lesser extent. The damage nerf was about...30%~? Barbs didn't really need ASPD that much anyway, their damage was already generally meh, and a 30% decrease in damage is a great trade for a bit slower Life on Hit. Monks still get their teeth kicked in anyway, DHs are hurting since everything STILL one or two shots them in inferno...unless they sacrifice even more DPS for an extra hit or two, or if they're absurdly rich. WDs are in the same situation as DHs, except shittier.

The DPS nerf for DH was really bad, considering their core play style. ASPD played a large part with Sharpshooter due to the way it worked, and allowed them to kite as ranged. Going to have to have sacrifice some DPS if you're not rich if you want to stutter step. And so, unless you were well geared in someway or had a decent amount of wealth, your DPS is shit. DH's need to kill stuff before it kills them, cause they literally have a timer for that. Every single defensive skill uses the slow regenerating Discipline. The longer it takes to kill something, the more discipline you're likely to use. When you run out, and the mobs aren't close to dead yet, you're likely screwed.

Since everything still 1-3 shots never want to be hit. So every time you get fire chains, mortars, teleports, fast, waller, and possibly molten mobs close to you, you're going to have to use some sort of discipline skill. Yes, it's very likely you'll run out of steam before you'll kill them now. Shielding and reflect prolong fights in their own way, so it's just as bad.

Some bosses are pretty WHY now, like Ghom and Siegebreaker. Chests are shit now that M/Gfind doesn't affect them. Repair fees will bankrupt every non-rich/geared player.

On the other hand, we got blacksmith and gem prices reduced. Some mobs aren't complete bullshit anymore like soul lashers. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh....