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IGN: Frieya/AmericaKun
Class: all to_primadonna
Level: 2xx/1xx
Guild: The Macs/Templar Knights/MoonlightC
Xfire: azumisakura

my in-game names: Frieya (bad spelling of Freya from Chobits), LunarFayth (Fayth of the moon? FFX inspired), MoonlightAura (idk how i got this name...), CanadaKun, HungaryChan, GermanyKun, SwedenKun, IcelandKun, VietnamChan, ItalyVeneziano, AustriaKun, EnglandKun, WyChan, MonacoChan, and RomaniaKun (ze countries- I LOVE HETALIA!)- if you're wondering why i have so many characters, my goal is to get all jobs (Jewelia only) (yes, yes, i know, hybrids are ze same or something like that).
in Fantasia: AmericaKun, Prussia (OMG HOW AWESOME IS ZAT THAT NO ONE PICKED IT XD), and Hetalian (yeah...all these names= Hetalia.........and i'm rarely on in this server (le duh))

mein name is Kafhoua (yes, it's hard to pronouce...but call me Sky (cause that's what it means) or Yang (yeah my last name..), i'm 22 yrs old, and i'm 100% Hmong (google it dudes/dudettes). and i only know a little German, but i'm still learning (i can read a bit of it..) and many other languages. o3o at times i can be a bit hyper but most of the time i'm really shy and nervous.... @_@

i love playing video games especially first-person shooters like Counter-Strike: Source, Team Fortress 2, Halo, Call of Duty, etc. since FPS is my favorite genre and i'm a pc gamer... o3o since my computer is crap now, i mostly play Trickster (le duh). i love to draw but most of the time, i'm just too lazy to draw... XD (i'm pretty lazy on Trickster too...)

my favorite food: curry noodles, pho, anything that's Azn *shot*, any seafood, or anything that looks yummy enough (minus the insects, etc... organs i can handle >:3)

my favorite Anime: Bleach, Sailor Moon, Fairy Tail, Axis Powers/World Series Hetalia (as you can tell by most of my in-game names that are named after countries), Pokemon, Digimon, and many more....... o3o
~Proud to be Hetalian~ ( = = )૭
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LunarFayth, MoonlightAura, ItalyVeneziano, Hetalian, and the Countries (that ends with "Kun" or "Chan") are me. C:

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