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The rustic toy shop was bustling. Well, as usual. But the bustling was all due to the more automatic toys. It was usually barren, the large accumulation of dust evident from the sunlight shooting through the windows, almost as if there were no windows to bar its path of radiance. There was a bearded, middle-aged man seated behind the circular oaken desk that occupied a clear shot at the front door. Wearing a black and red plaid shirt, he rested his elbows on its regularly cleaned, evident from its wear. His leathery hands were placed in front of his mouth, eyes closed.

He was entranced by the chimes, dings, and buzzes that surrounded him from the toys that praised his daily toils. There were shelves and racks full of active doodads and thingamajigs, newly made or made seemingly centuries ago. The toys spoke to the man that day; that his was time for his son to go.

Shigga L'Rayle bounded down the stairs, humming a tune his mother had taught him from her homeland. His blondish white shaggy bob bounced with the tune. The black long-sleeved shirt he wore, as always, seemed a little too big; much of his right shoulder was showing, and both sleeves seemed to overtake his hands. However, he carried a sizable duffle bag of who-knows-what and a magenta colored plush bear. His large emerald eyes locked on to his father's solemn position, and he smiled. His equally emerald colored shoes clicked against the stairs until he reached the bottom with a Thud!

It was then that his father opened his eyes, hearing the sound above the toys' clamoring praises. He gave his son a stern gaze not for the sake of sternness, but for knowing the gravity of the decision both he and his son agreed upon for more than a month now.

"...Did you see your mother before you came down, Shigga?" His voice seemed to reflect the dustiness of the little shop on Verdicosba Ave. Raspy, hollow, seemingly older than it should.

"I'd never leave upstairs without seeing her, Dad!" There was an unexpected feminine voice that piped from the son of this toy maker. Then again, it was hard for anyone else to tell. 'Is Shigga a guy?' is the usual question that first occupies a stranger's conscience. What usually follows is an impish grin and no answer to the mystery. The bangles he wore on the wrists didn't help discovering the truth.

"Alright, then," the father said, laying down his arms into his lap. "You may go. With that necklace, you keep us close to your heart."

"Always and forever, Dad," Shigga responded with a beaming smile. "And Magenta will make sure of it. You can count on us! Ciao~!" With a giggle, the boy bounded out the door, leaving the father alone to himself. That day, the shop was closed. If something were to happen to his son - let alone his wife - this would be the day to commemorate it.


"Gee, this sector's pretty snazzy, Magenta!" Shigga sounded more like a tourists on the way to the meeting place. He decided he'd take a small detour of sightseeing, but it was mainly a distraction for himself. The air seemed much fresher than Sector Epsilon's, with patches of green he hadn't seen in his lifetime. The architecture was white and prestine, stalwart in the pride of their designers of ancient times and reproduced by today's finest engineering and construction. Truly magnificent!

It's so exciting, thinking that all of this will be toppled by an army of toys, Shigga mused to himself. He knew that Magenta wouldn't be happier for that to happen. The thought made him extremely giddy, and it motivated him to hasten his stride toward his destination, his necklace pendant slinking and swinging from his neck as his bangles jingled to themselves.


"Five-beeeeeeeee~" Shigga whispered to himself, "Where aaaaare yooooou~?"
Oh, hell, Magenta seemed to think, You're playing hide-and-seek with a room? Shigga paused instantly and looked at his plush bear questionably for a moment.

"...You're probably right; that is pretty stupid," Shigga responded, as if he knew what the plush bear was thinking - if it were capable of thought at all. That didn't stop him from doing his usual cheerful prancing. Evetually, the boy had come across the room labeled '5B' on it - just as the letter had said. He pulled from the left pocket of his loose brown khakis and double-checked to make sure. Yep. T'is the place!

"Heh. Alright, the passcode now," Shigga said to himself, punching in the pincode, "Annnnnnnnnnd~"

"Ray-Ray has arrived~!" the boy said, making sure his voice was extra girlish. He wanted to see how many he could fool - wanted to see how many would mistake his gender. With a giggle, he looked around and measured just how large the room itself was - and just how many people were expected to show up.

"Oh, wow, Magenta," he went on, sounding genuinely feminine, "look at all of these new faces." Shigga proceeded to place a hand horizontally above his brow, clearly exaggerating how big the room was.

"Ooh! Food! Wow, you guys are sooo generous~!" Shigga pranced over with Magenta in tow to a seat midway between the two ends and plopped himself down girlishly, making an 'Emph!' sound while he was at it. Yep. Extra girly.

"As a way of saying thanks," he chimed to everyone, "I've made sure to bring a plushie for everyone!"

The boy dropped his duffle bag straight onto the floor, with it suddenly making a loud, iron Clang! noise that slightly echoed thoughout the room. Shigga, however, didn't budge. He sat there enthusiastically, and smiled slightly impishly.

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