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I am sure many of you guys are against start over...

but why not try making another mirage in fantasia?

I am active more there with my lion, and he is still guildless...Maybe i dislike to join a random guild. that's why.

its natural of you guys going to get bored of your chars in jewelia. but feeling all weak again, working hard to earn money, it all give you a taste of how fun the old times in TO was, and surely you won't feel it if you started over at jewelia (thanks to the price inflation)

I honestly never thought it would so fun playing and starting over in fantasia, because I can feel how hardships the newbies feel with the game. unlike before. in jewelia you already have strong chars that could help you farm for your new ones, but in fantasia? you KNOW that you have to count on others for help and that's where the fun of MMO comes in^^

I also try to count on whatever the game offers of equipments, I never tried to use MS unless gift or event stuff. maybe one of you guys will love such a challenge? i mean come on we got alterverse eqs now. and even if your still so deseprete of MS you can buy a lot in Fantasia with ingame money..

sorry for talking to much =x but maybe i started to hate jewelia maybe cause there are many people who hurt me in there and I like to start over away from them.

hope the guild will revive in there somehow

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